CIS 6 beta - GUI is not user friendly

I tried the new beta for a very short period of time. IMO GUI is not polished. It,s a bit immature looking( rather a bit ugly).

There are more usability issues than previous version 5. To explore the settings is not user friendly. More cumbersome to reach the advanced settings and to reply the pop up alerts. It is esp evident if you use it as a pure classical anti-executable HIPS only( no sandbox etc) with paranoid mode.

If you want to Block an action, you need two clicks for BLOCK, rather than one as in version 5. It,s really very irritating. There is still no option to go to HIPS rules-set from the pop up alerts to make rules on the fly( like in Malware Defender). Such an option will make the life easier.

Of course, if you compare to version 5, it’s more complicated but we have to play with a long time and we’ll forget V5 GUI… ;D

I share your point of vue aigle as do others as you will see if you read the topic on usability suggestions. Let’s hope the Developers can come with a solution to improve CIS 6 GUI usability.

Agree this version is not for HIPS users (specially those who run Paranoid) lot of needed details are buried way to deep or are even missing.
This GUI is for those who never look at their security product, fire and forget.

Maybe we need a Poll to draw some attention as it seems there are a lot of users having the same ‘issues’ with this version?

it is true :-TU

Is it?
I find it to be the worst of both worlds: the same pop-ups, a lot of options/components the average user will not understand, a “watered down” protection which produces no usability…
I understand the focus on the virtulization part but this (V6) is just another blunder as V4 was.
Either go back to V3 or produce something really new.

Sure - this user interface is optimal for people who don’t look at it :slight_smile:

If the new components are introduced as it was done with the “sandbox” in version 5, again, there will be much guessing and no documentation, so the only way to understand what CIS will probably do, is to disable the new features…

Sandbox was introduced in V4.

-Possibly a solution?

I did not like the GUI at first, and do agree it is not as intuitive as the last version.

Now after I have customized it a bit, and gotten used to it, I am fine with it.

Great program overall!

How about adding a poll ? May be aigle can add a poll to this post, so that we can add our votes…

The same for me but anyway the previous GUI was much user friendly.

It’s only BETA many things will change. I hope anyway. You will get used to version 6 but it will take a while. Also do you want good looks or good protection? LOL!

When I first opened the GUI I was wondering if the version I had just istalled had a firewall at all, no singn of it. And not many other things either. I didnät realise that all the settinbs were behind the Task manager.
This is certainly not a security s0ftware to Average Joe, even I get confused with these sandboxes and Virtual kiosks.
All the desktop security program vendors should look hov Panda and Kingsoft do it and they manage get them quite safe too.
Comodo should have a very clear and plain GUI for average users that say only “Safe” and an option to open an advanged GUI.
Othrewise CIS 6 seems to work nice.

PM the guys in charge. Post that in the wishlist. And maybe just maybe your wish becomes a reality. Plus get some numbers behind you.

I like the GUI.

If they make another, i hope they do so we can switch between them.

Honestly, I also dont like this bloatware kinda interface. You have to go through many clicks to just view network/file/av activities. Interface is looking some some gaming GUI and not like pro.I was using comodo for last 4 years but I just switched to another firewall program I used earlier, just because of v6.

Just to make clear, I don,t complain of big sized buttons and less clutter in the pop up alerts as I understand that these changes may be due to upcoming windows 8 GUI especially for tablets. I want the colors and design more professional with easy and simple to navigate GUI.

Wish I could access HIPS rules via single click as I need to open them again n again. Also a way to disable HIPS from the tray icon.

Me too but I miss a delicate pink color and a few strasses.

Well, I've [s]banged with, er... "it" [/s] tried to reconcile myself with this [s]stupid unusable nonergonomic [/s] very fashioned changes during three days. Sometimes successfully... And I have a lot to say. But...

…Unfortunately English isn’t my native language and my language experience very spoiled with conversation with a many ppls like me around a world, for example with a “chinese english”. So I can’t to play with words and select appropriate synonims for elegantly balance betwen what I wont to say and what is, er… appropriate. So I forced to name things with their true names despite I don’t want to do it. So pls excuse me…

New CIS UI is a huge bunch of **** Over.

Replaced offensive text with ***

CIS 6 GUI is maybe optimized for touch in windows 8 but seems out of place in previous versions of Windows.