CIS 6 beta - GUI is not user friendly

Please watch what you write, keep things friendly.

Its very difficult and high on impossible to please everyone.It really does not matter what interface comodo would have designed as it would have its likes and dislikes.

Its the protection that counts and looks are not everything. :-TU

I love the new GUI.


Sure I’d watched – how do You think I’ve bypassed a wordfilter? :wink: And moreover…
Telling The Truth Is a Right Thing To Do
isn’t it? :wink:

We know.


The truth: Attempt that again and your membership at these forums shall be terminated.

Yes, I miss pink color and strasses.
But I ready to agree with this – if I’ll can do very common tasks via simple non mind-blowing way.

Sure You know somebody with hands from shoulders so ask him will he like to use a hammer taking it by the scissors rings placed instead of handle?

Is the above statement the truth? No.
The above statement maybe a personal opinion.

Yes it is the correct thing to do.

Indeed. But I’m glad that I’ve a bit shacked this “development swamp”. Ana “real truth” requires too many smart words like “ergonomic” etc. so I’ve simply “abbreviated” it :wink:

And it’s not personal opinion only, I know about a dozen ppls already who are very, very unsatisfied. Someone plans to stay on 5.x forever and someone (who looks on a CIS devels’ very questionable decisions a bit longer) prepares to migrate out, even on a paid products (so COMODO should start to make agreements with an other big vendors like Symantec or Kaspersky for examples to not miss “30 pieces of silver” dealer" fees).

And regarding really “personal” opinion it looks for me like COMODO started a wide betatest of their Android UI using their huge users base. But even I ready to agree with it and glad to help to COMODO devels – if they’ll say that “Guys, we need your help, blah-blah…” :slight_smile: