CIS 3.9 Target date

Hi guys, would like to see CIS 3.9 Friday 24th April/09. Can do?
Regards :Beer
Xman 8)

Is it your name day then? 88)

Xman you are not due another birthday yet.


No it was the 16th of Jan/09 that I turned 50 and Comodo came through with 3.8, I’m working with them in spirit and conviction of the heart always since that moment… :wink:
Xman 8)

Yes I remember that, as I was 71 years the next day 17th.

Yep James, the boys at Comodo gave me and all others a beautiful birthday gift, and I say this because everybody got to see CIS mature and it goes eternally foward forever as we all do…
Cheers James :-TU
Xman :Beer

About then I chose a song to go with CIS, this one:

Hi James, mine is the Rolling Stones “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need”, and that goes for everything in life…

Got a question, fellas.
Will a CIS 3.8 update itself to 3.9, or we have to manually check for update, or we will have to uninstall 3.8 to get 3.9?
I know it’s a stupid question, but I like to play it smart… ;D O0

noooo not more anxiety & date speculation!

New gui is going to be great tho!

Agreed. I want COMODO to release a stable and completely tested version of CIS. Please don’t repeat the fiasco of the 3.8 :slight_smile:

3.9 won’t have the gui I am afraid. we are aiming for v4 for the new gui (fingers crossed)


I know some people had specific problems with CIS 3.8 and might consider its release a fiasco, but I never had any major problems. Fiasco no, great release, yes! I ran it on 2 Vista Ultimate SP1 desktops, 1 Vista Business SP1 notebook and 1 XP Home SP3 notebook since its first Beta version without ANY significant problems, only really minor things that didn’t affect usability or functionality. Comodo rocks!

Same here! It was strange reading about loads of users who had been having bugs, whilst all I had was a bug-free, very stable piece of software! :slight_smile:

Is the target date for Beta or Final?

I am looking forward to see CIS 3.9 Final in the near future… ANd I really hope they make it BUG free as possible… So comodo developpers please take your time making us a wonderfull security suite.

Same here! It was strange reading about loads of users who had been having bugs, whilst all I had was a bug-free, very stable piece of software!
I agree! I had no problems at all (maybe some FP but it's better to be cautious than infected :D)

Just a note to Usability Study members, please check out this poll and vote on the new GUI menu format.


EDIT: This poll is currently accessible only to users with special forum privledges (i.e. Usability Study Members).

4.0 should have the new gui. :slight_smile: If a version needs to come out before then, it can be 3.9.5. :stuck_out_tongue: But, that’s what major version numbers are for.

Technically, if there is a time warp, 3.9 could be out tomorrow. Not today, because it’s Sunday and Time Warps never happen on a Sunday. Saturday is okay if you pay for the extra weekend delivery. :stuck_out_tongue: Whooo. Can we do the time warp again?

Yes, we can! check out discovery channel… there is a program called “Time Warp” there you have time warps over and over again! (:WIN)