CIS 3.9 Target date

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What is it, and How do you get access?

You would need to send a pm to Melih and ask to join the group.

In the mean time could we get our hands on the 38.5 ?


Melih won’t say anything… ;D Anyway, lets guess… :slight_smile: I guesses that CIS 3.9 BETA gets released as beta March 28… =)
Afterwards if someone guesses right you can proudly say “hey I guessed right…”…

anyone who is going to guess March 28… don’t!!..

Guess later in April…


April 28th?


I personally think it will be the latter half of April.

I’ll have patience this time. Had lots of problems with the AV in 3.8, so I don’t want that repeated.

This May, surprise you but I don’t expect to see it till then

Melih mentions that 3.9 won’t be released until April. (maybe)

Does this mean that the update promised at the end of this month isn’t happening? I assumed it would be a 3.8 update, but is Comodo instead planning on waiting on another release until 3.9 is ready?

I’m a bit disappointed if that is the case as there are several small issues with the current release that seem like they would be really easy fixes. It’s surprising to me that it takes so long to fix them…

Maybe they will release an update to 3.8? I do not believe that work on 3.9 is alomost finished… And for God sake… no more bugs! :).

I have been wondering that too. Straight to 3.9 or another couple updates to 3.8 first?

Who promised about an update end of this month? Melih certainly didn’t. And 3.9 will be the next update, with bug fixes.


Not sure which post I read it in…

maybe one of those bug fixes will be threatcast which has never worked and it seems like it has never been attempted to be fixed?

I think Melih has said he “hope” they can release it late march if they could push it… Optimist as he is I think he thought possible even in ;D mid march… But seems like it will come sometime in Jan then… =)

I never seen any promises thou… xD
Please note… My guess was for the Beta version… =)

If they release something on April the first… Be careful…

Could be a First April joke… =D O0 (probably ruined the fun now… ) ;D :slight_smile:

(:NRD) ??? I seem to remember around 1 month ago Melih, saying sometime in March he hoped to be able to deliver hourly or even halfe hourly updates for the Av,and i expected an up date to 3.8 as HeffeD mentioned in his last post, prior to 3.9 coming out. Even if the number of updates being increased per day, cant be dealt with before 3.9, i would have thought the likes of the Threatcast problem would have been picked up by the Devs at Comodo and dealt with, perhaps with another general bug fix thing,( trusted vendors being one), If its not dealt with until 3.9 and if its not until April, then i think its a fairly long time that this aspect of Cis, " Has seemingly been allowed to fester and not be fixed" due to the number of posts about this i would have thought it should not have been much trouble for Comodo to fix it before 3.9, and that includes the Trusted vendors problem where you add your own, and on reboot they revert to default!!.If i am going to have to wait for 3.9 longer than i would have hoped, then at least fix the bugs reported, including those mentioned earlier in my post… please.

Dave1234… Impatient i am!!.

Whether the new version of a product will be localised?

I hope we get it soon. :slight_smile: