CIS 3.13.126709.581 ??? (Merged Topic)

There’s no mention of a new release(modification level) but I received a message today that there is a new version to be installed so I downloaded & installed it and it’s CIS 3.13.126709.581. So, what’s it all about and what changes and or fixes does it address???


my guess : it fixes the latest AV database issue…


After I updated to version 3.13.126709.581 CIS will use 15% to 85% CPU for nearly an hour after booting up each time. If this continues I will have no choice but to uninstall Comodo.

Mine is fine. But I don’t use CAV. :a0

I use full CIS on Win7 x64 and it is fine ;D

.581 working fine here with no problems–full suite installed

I did update the AV DB before I got the notice of the program update though so it didn’t need to update that afterwards.

I was notified today there was a new update for CIS… I have learned to be careful with updates so I checked… Ran updater to check the update details and it turns out the updater is showing update 579 which is the version I am running… Anybody else having this issue?

Please read here

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately that 's the same old story again.

I got the update notification and the “see details” brought me to the release page where eventually the are release notes for .579 ???

Then it was usual search for the Ultimate Truth

Finally, as far as I understand the changes .581 are about AV only (is that so?)
and I am not using AV part

It seems that this annoying thing will not be changed in v3 … but please
make the changes in version 4 so the installer checks the components chosen by the user.
I do understand that in some cases only the version has to be changed …

My regards

Seriously comodo, just post the damn fixes somewhere just right before releasing the patches… :slight_smile: :-TU It shouldn’t be so hard…? And it has to be done anyway?? At least you always do it anyway… :smiley: So whats the gain of delaying it?? Getting the patch out like 3 minutes earlier? ??? Not giving out such information in time leaves a lot of people frustrated “what is this???” and feels a bit uncaring/none professional…

A simple post there… It just have to be a few sentences like always and most likely most people will be happy about it… I personally like to read what has been fixed and that sort of stuff… Its always nice to see the product improving, but please take some short time doing what has to be done anyway right before releasing patches rather than after… I think people would like that approach more…



seems to be a problem with the CIS antivirus db update here too.

After CIS did an auto-upgrade to last version 3.13.126709.581 the db is stuck at 3460 version and at any update attempt is erroneously reported that signatures are updated (despite db is currently at 3490).

My system: XP Pro SP3 32 bit on Pentium 4 2.2 Mhz 1.5 Mb Ram.
other software: AVG antivirus
Router ADSL
No proxy

The proposed attempt to replace bases.cav had no success.

Indeed … commanding the celsius

and as I pointed above that is kinda “the official style”

The top of the Announcement branch is as attached and the last post I found was
(still is at the moment):

Not funny!


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i agree…i got the update and no problems…but the 1st thing i do (and did) is look for the change log…last 2 times there was nothing. 579 took about a week

Too many hot girls working over at comodo these days ex1 ex2, ex3, ex4, ex5 and the list goes on… The programmers are most likely nerds and when they see a hot girl they loses focus and we are left with this sort of delays… :-\

+1 Iam having issues updating as well…

Please try a clean install and after rebooting use this clean up tool to clean up possible left overs. Then try again.

Comodo should definitely synch the Release Notes page with the actual updates going live. It is odd they don’t post a topic here in Feedback Comments Announcements and News. They must be awfully busy as the forums always get things first…

Before uninstalling export your current configuration from Miscellaneous → Manage My Configurations. After installing you can import it again.

Yeiazel, you mean you followed Where can i download the latest full AV database??

Did the uninstall, rebooted - no CPU usage stuff. Used the remove tool and rebooted, still no high cpu stuff. Reinstalled CIS with AV, rebooted (the shutdown hung up) and still no CPU usage stuff. I hope it continues to work. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Haaha! ;D True! Cheers!

p.s. which reminded me this old comment I made re: Comodos’ new (at that time) website;msg306747#msg306747

Hi Guys,
Here is my post about this release and AV updates:;msg355792#msg355792

Sorry for delays in posting.


I made a new sticky for fresh download links here (for those who are new users or wish to do a fresh install). Internal updater should be ok.