CIS 2025 is now LIVE!

Hi Xao_Fan-Tzilin,

We appreciate your time and effort in writing to us. If it is Chinese it does not mean that it is malware by default. Your message has been forwarded to the corresponding team. We will reach back to you with updates shortly.

I run several small open source projects locally under Proxmox as LXC containers. I have also installed Stirling PDF version 0.26 an Nextcloud.

After installing Comodo Internet Security 2025, I noticed that the start page of Stirling PDF was incomplete. That e.g. the start page of Stirling PDF is displayed incompletely and very slowly. When accessing my Nextcloud start page, I also noticed that the operation felt very slow and sluggish. Loading the page takes several seconds to a minute.

I have now uninstalled CIS 2025 for the first time and will probably set up a test installation with CIS 2025 to determine and classify this more precisely.


would love to hear your feedback on this so that we can improve the product further. thank you!

Thank you for bringing up your concerns regarding inclusion of software products developed by other non-English companies in our whitelisting database. We understand that the security and integrity of our systems are of utmost importance to everyone. Our cybersecurity team rigorously evaluates all software, regardless of its country of origin, based on stringent security standards and protocols. The decision to whitelist any software is made after a thorough analysis to ensure it meets our high-security benchmarks and code signing certificates from across all regions have been present in our Trusted Vendor List since 2008. We appreciate your vigilance and encourage you to share any specific concerns or instances that you believe may require further investigation. Our goal is to maintain a secure and efficient working environment and your feedback is invaluable in helping us achieve this.


Hello @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT i see no Statistics on Valkyrie please bring it back forever

Hello everyone ! :vulcan_salute:

I saw that there were a type of threats that escaped some competitive players.

I would like to know how Comodo CIS 2025 behaves with this?

VS Code attacks.

A fake extension was named “Darcula”, and the researchers even registered a domain corresponding to “darculatheme·com”. This domain allowed the team to pose as a verified publisher on Marketplace.

Which added credibility to the malicious extension. Their plugin uses code from the legitimate Darcula theme, but also includes an additional script that collects system information including hostname, number of plugins installed, device domain name, and platform. operating system, and sends them to a remote server through an HTTPS POST request. This malicious extension was then able to spread easily and infect more than a hundred users because Microsoft marked it as “legitimate” by linking to the website “darculatheme·com.”

The researchers note that malicious code is not spotted by endpoint detection and response tools because VS Code is treated somewhat leniently due to its nature as a development and test system.

The extension quickly gained popularity, being mistakenly installed by many high-value targets, including a publicly traded company with a market cap of $483 billion, major security firms, and a national network of security courses. justice.

QUESTION: (I suspect yes) :grinning:

Does Comodo CIS 2025 automatically block these possible VS Code attacks without the user having to control them individually?

Does it have a code review mechanism for VS Code extensions and others?

Location of victims 24 hours after publishing Darcula on VS Code Marketplace

I took a look, I use DRACULA, but I don’t know if the one I’m using is infected!
Comodo Team Am I protected against this threat? :thinking:
I’ve been using this for many years.

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Yes @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT please bring forever :frowning:

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(This rant is about that’s shared on official page. Comes out there is a newer installer shared in this forum which solves a few issues mentioned.)

What a hilarious installer .
First it installs ISE. Then it trashes my previous CIS installation. Then it whines that it cannot remove the old one and I have to do it manually. Not rolling back the damage or removing the ISE I’m left with bloatware and broken CIS, no access to internet.
Alright, had to use ciscleanuptool to delete old one. Tried installing the new one again, another hilarious surprise: it requires a minimum subversion of Windows and thus will not install. It didn’t show me that error specifically, simply some generic message. Had to fish the cause out myself from the trash it left.

  1. Update the info about the minimum OS version requirement.
  2. Make the new CIS installer check for that version in the very beginning - program CIS to show that error message about outdated Windows.
  3. Instead of polluting with bloatware and failing to uninstall previous, check for problematic installation presence and tell user to manually remove it, and not install bloatware that is not required and do not destroy the previous CIS installation since installation of the new CIS is blocked by an issue.
  4. Once OS version check has been passed, no presence of a previous version of CIS is detected, only then start installing the new CIS and its optional components.
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  1. Website being updated.

3-The new installer no longer contains the extra software such as Secure Shopping, ISE and Dragon.

Oh, I meant CIS Essentials or what was its name. It sure did install that.

Not likey of new interface, can’t see if CIS has decided to block something until window with green box appears.

Comodo Internet Security Essentials only ever worked properly with Internet Explorer and hasn’t been updated since 2018 : ISE Release notes and that was included in .8012 installer and not included with the CIS 2025 installer.

Hello, you can change the CIS theme to something that may be clearer for your understanding.

Well, it’s back, in installer of v12.2.4.8032. Unless the setup from is outdated.
So you’re saying this component needs to be unchecked at installation since it’s obsolete?

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At the beginning of the topic there is the link, download it there, the version is:
The ISE probably won’t show up.

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Oh thanks! There indeed is a secret updated premium installer.
The official website is indeed serving an outdated version.
At least now the installer outright slams me with big red “This installation does not support target platform.” Which is expected as I haven’t had the need to update my Windows image on my PC for many years. Guess it’s time.
But the installer could at least say what is the minimum required “target platform”. This time I couldn’t fish it out from the installer’s temp data.

It was informed here on the forum that the website developers will be updating the page, but CIS 2025 was launched early without having updated the page so that customers already have more up-to-date software.

The changelog will be posted in the future, which is what I’m waiting for.

For those who use the old CIS, they were informed that it will be automatically updated to the latest one, avoiding uninstalling and installing again, I’m also waiting as I have several computers to do this, it would be a lot of work.

Regarding the operating system requirements, I cannot tell you which would be best to work with CIS 2025, until it is released by the COMODO Team.

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Website is outdated and being updated. Download of CIS 2025 is part way down this page: or you can direct download from here: CIS 2025 current version is:

ISE is essentially obsolete as it didn’t expand to other browsers and addons like Netcraft or adblockers deal with MTM and while CIS has Website Filtering that only currently works with Firefox.

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Ah, it was near invisible small button to get more informative screen back.

Also per standard HIPS was disabled.

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