CIS 2025 12.3.8140 Intel TDT not supported

when I try to activate the TDT intel protection an error inform me that is not supported.
I need disable them.

This protection is disabled by default and if activated generate the error message that is not supported.
Processor 13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-13900H 2.60 GHz

I’m going through the same situation.
What we need to know is which processors are compatible!

Your chip is compatible.

Maybe it’s a bug of some sort. I’ve yet to test it myself.

Can you provide screenshot of error?

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It’s and Intel Standard so see this for more info.

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Consider also I need disable this because if I do not, as is not working, every time I turn on the PC the error notification will be showed so I turn it off. Is not working.

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If I try to activate TDT, a few seconds after saving the settings a notification shows: “Intel TDT Notification”, “Start failed!”, “PMU is in use by another application”.

“PMU” of course is the Intel CPU “Performance Monitoring Unit”

Everything else for Comodo is working fine. Diagnostics is clean.

i7 12700 12th gen - compatible with TDT. Windows 11. No idea as to what other “application” may be using the PMU. Possibly Windows “Core Isolation” (Memory integrity", “Kernel-mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection”)?

Also, each time I boot the system, since March’s Windows Updates there’s one Event Log System Event ID 167 Warning: “The hypervisor did not enable mitigations for side channel vulnerabilities for virtual machines because HyperThreading is enabled. To enable mitigations for virtual machines, disable HyperThreading.” Not sure about Comodo’s use of VM, but I’m not using any other VM on the system. Not sure if this is related to the TDT notification…

hi all

apologies for the inconvenience caused. I will forward the issue details with the concern team to investigate it and get back to you with their feedback.

Request you to share your account admin email address as well

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hi @rChaz , thank you very much for informing us about this possible issue. Could you please share if you are using Windows Defender? If you are, this might be the case where PMU is being used and thus blocking Comodo Internet Security processes.

Any information would greatly help us understand the issue here.

Thanks and best regards.

What this means? I don’t understand.

I think they are confusing the forums as they are also on the Xcitium forum for XCS for business.


I believe they are not confusing. But it was strange to ask for that… :sorriso:

the support email addres Xcitium uses to fix both CIS and Xcitium Client issues


Thank you, emailed them and now the ticket is escalated.

When they return your email with a response, please update on the matter. whether it was carried out successfully.

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I will do my best to keep the discussion updated :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ilgaz,

Yes, Windows Defender was the cause of the “PMU in use” issue. If I temporarily toggled off Defender’s “Real-time protection”, Comodo was then able to activate TDT.

While TDT was still in use by Comodo, if I toggled Defender’s Real-time protection back on, I would receive a notification: “Intel TDT Notification”, “IntelTDT has stopped, Other process tampered PMU configuration”.

Hi @rChaz , we strongly suggest to “not” use CIS along with any other security product when all of CIS components are activated - except our patented zero-trust containment component.
When 2 antivirus components ( or firewall or HIPS) from different security products are activated at the same time, it might cause some racing condition and stop both products from working properly, halting the protection entirely.

Hi ilgaz,

Is any relevant parts of Defender turned off when CIS is installed and the IntelTDT section selected or does this have to be manually done by the user?

If it has to be manually done, then a pop-up needs to be in place to inform the end user.


Thanks. Understood.

For what it’s worth, for years I’ve used CIS without its AV component installed, combined with Windows Defender for the AV portion, and I’ve never run into any apparent compatibility issues (other than now this TDT, which is understandable.) Guess it’s time to reconsider the AV component…

if you install the full suite then yes Comodo is fully active and defender is not however if you install only the firewall then Windows Defender can be active