Chromodo 42 and Ice Dragon screenshots

Hi All,

Chromodo 42 is on the way. Today I’m writing this post using our Chromodo 42 Alpha.

The release of Chromodo 42 is a milestone for us because as of this release we’ll have re-organized and re-engineered the project which will allow us to then make regular releases.

Additionally we have a new Alpha of Ice Dragon.

We will bring both these browsers to you as soon as we can. The browsers are on the way!


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Can we expect a Comodo Dragon update close to the Chromodo update?

I’m wondering the same thing.
Love the image, by the way.


Good news :slight_smile: but i cant understand why you have 2 different Chrome based browsers, that are very identical. Better only have one …easier have one browser up to date. You are doing the job twice with out any benefit…cant understand it ???

we have been busy building the infrastructure so that we can do multiple browser with different brands easily. We have been also investing heavily in building an infrastructure so that after 42 release we can release browser on time…

I do not interesting Chromium ones :-X

But good to see IceDragon in development :-TU

That sounds good Melih :wink:

That’s good news for the non-patient users.
I expect a release to be less of issues, so time is less of importance to me. I only speak for the little minority, though.

Then again, I love going to bad sites hoping to get a virus.

Would it involve much work making Comodo extensions available to us Linux users? As Comodo browsers are based on Chromium/Chrome and Firefox, I would imagine not but I’m not a developer, so maybe it’s more complicated. I would like to use PrivDog and Web Inspector on Ubuntu.


Then again, I love going to bad sites hoping to get a virus.
I know your kidding :) , but if your one of the less then 1% of the comodo users here like me or certain other people here. You could be part of the malware research group >:-D LOL BUT on a more serious note, cant wait for the new ice dragon and chromodo

Just looked at the picture of the IceDragon alpha and it’s using the Australis interface, why does Firefix and most of it’s variants have to look like Chrome :frowning: Sorry guys but it’s Palemoon for me from now on.

You can do that, if you have the crx-files. Comodo would have to make those available separately.

No, I am not joking. Getting infected to test the antivirus is a hobby of mine, sometimes it gets me and I have to reinstall the whole OS. (All in fun, though)
I need to get back to gaming.

Would these files (*.crx) be any different from the Dragon version on Windows? Having tried this before, I think the signatures updated but not the actual software (ie. PrivDog). Maybe this is an issue with the Windows version as well, I’m not sure. Would be great to add extensions into Chromium and then forget about it without having to check the forums for an updated version (which you would have to grab from a Windows machine each time).



Nice!! :-TU :-TU

I don’t know if they update PrivDog 2 between the updates of Dragon. The last announced version was, June 2014. The version I copied from Dragon is I added, and it does not get updated to

I guess it depends on what happens server-side. PrivDog was updated to back in January 2014. When the extension is only distributed with Comodo’s browsers, there isn’t much need for separate updates of PrivDog. :-\

Awesome to see the new icedragon.

Great work and keep it up!

Whats so bad about the Australis interface?

I like it and i love the customize function in firefox browsers.

Palemoon is good, but dont have the extensions support i need.