Chromodo 42 and Ice Dragon screenshots

We are getting there, we try to get add-ons that don’t work to actually work. Unless, we can suggest great alternatives to your preferred add-on.
Firefox’s Australis doesn’t let me move the Stop/Reload from the URL bar, and Classic Theme Restorer conflicts with some of my add-ons.
Nothing is wrong with Australis, but it lacks the customization that I favor.

Totally agreed :-TU The reload button must be next to homepage button :-\

@Shane , could you please make this possible to us? for IceDragon users?

Why dont you just hit F5 to refresh/reload the page and ESC to stop loading the page? Fast and easy commands.

We are talking about custimizations…and these are old habits…my cursor goes there everytime
If it is useless like that level…why Google keeps this reload button in their Chrome?

Yaaay! I eagerly await Chromodo 42!

Looking good! Don’t ever give up on my Dragon please! It’s the reason I joined these forums and would’ve bought some Comodo AV.

We will even make Dragon more impressive than it is. we have so many innovative ideas that will help make it more secure…just wait and see…

Melih is back and teasing us … 8) O0

came up with some cool ideas about how to make the browser more secure…we are applying for patents and then will code it…its a medium term thing…but we are all gearing towards giving you guys the best browser possible.

Good! I used to recommend Dragon in a forum. I want to do it again.

Stop the teasing please :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the great work!

!ot! Are you ticklish that you can’t stand Melih’s teasing? Just kidding…

Cant wait, im so excited :slight_smile: Keep it up dev’s!

Looking forward to this! Good job, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Great news!!

Any news on chromodo v42 release?

By the end of this month:

I can’t wait! Hopefully it will be on schedule or earlier. :slight_smile: Is it still going to support Pepperflash or use the NPAPI solely which Chrome is switching to?

Hi Cyberfox007,
Support for NPAPI plugins is going to be phased out sometime in the near future with Chromium based browsers.

Kind regards.

Disabled in M42, removed in M45.