check recognizer updates failes all the time

When I update CIS 7 beta, the virus definitions are installed properly,
but “check recognizer updates failes”.

Is it a bug?



No…it will be updated ocassionaly when Comodo makes new recognizers.

As this does not appear to be a bug I will move this to the main Beta section for discussion.

Thank you.

But if the update for recognizers fails, the about screen - recognizers - is blank i.e the 1 recognizer that is present in this beta is also not there when recognizer update fails.

Perhaps I have misunderstood. Please post a screenshot of what you are seeing.

Also if there is no update then saying Failed is very misleading… Any normal person would think something went wrong, instead an “Already Up to date” or “No Update” would be appreciated…

I am afraid I would be surprised if this changes until the final version of CIS 7 is released maybe if we get a RC, but until everything is up and running I should think this message will continue.

On the bright side once it disappears I hope it will show everything is fully functional :slight_smile:

This is a first BETA, things like that are to be expected.

Hmmm very basic though…

i wonder if this is a bug. Is anyone else NOT having problems with the updater?

mine is working fine

[attachment deleted by admin]

I just checked it on my machine and it works correctly as well. Thus, it looks like this is a bug. I’ll move this back to the Beta Bug Reporting Forum for further processing.

Karniaris, if you could please edit your first post so it is in the required format, with a diagnostics file and KillSwitch Process list attached, I would appreciate it. Once that is done I can forward this as a bug.

Thank you.

I get an error here too. I am on Windows 8.1 x64. Could it be a server side issue?

Maybe. However, I have been checking periodically and have not gotten a failed update check. Thus, I think it’s possible it has something to do with CIS itself. If someone could create a formatted post I will forward this to the devs. That way we will be safe from the possibility of ignoring a bug.


PM reminder sent.

  1. Diagnostics report as attachment to your post
    Diagnostics File Not Yet Attached.
    Unfortunately I can’t make it now.

  2. The full product and its version e.g. COMOOD Firewall 7.0.308911.4080
    CIS 7.0.308911.4080

  3. Your Operating System (32 or 64 bit) and Service Pack revision. and if using a virtual machine, which one.
    Win7 32 bit SP1, not a VM

  4. List all the configuration changes you did. Are you using Default configuration? If no, whats the difference?
    Proactive Security. HIPS - Safe Mode. Sandbox - Enable.
    URL Filter - Doesn’t matter. The rating of files is disconnected. AV - only real scanning.

  5. Did you install over a previous version without uninstalling first, or import a previous configuration file? (please try to avoid doing these things until we are told it is safe)
    Yes I know.
    I removed old CIS 5.10 standardly through Windows.
    Hands I removed all remains from regedit with to change of access rights to branches of sections. (on Comodo search)

  6. Other Security, Sandboxing or Utility Software Installed
    MBAM, Sandboxie.

  7. Step by step description to reproduce the issue
    To reproduce this problem I just click on update. This happens every time.
    This error appears also after receiving updatings of bases.

  8. What actually happened when you carried out these steps
    What happened was that the check for Recognizer Updates fails every time.
    I don’t know.
    Also: This error appears also after receiving
    updatings of bases. (I received updating of bases in a manual mode).

  9. What you expected to see or happen when you carried out these steps, and why (if not obvious)
    As the update works fine for others I would expect it to work correctly on my system as well.
    This problem not at all users. (I have information).
    This mistake shouldn’t be.
    Probably a specifics release of OS systems?

[attachment deleted by admin]

jenny66, thank you for providing information. I edited your above post so that it is in the required format. However, some information is missing and others I tried to judge from what you provided. Please look over your previous post and ensure that all the information provided is correct. Also, please fill in any places which are marked with question marks.

In addition attach your diagnostics report to the previous post. After that I can forward this to the devs. Let me know if you have any questions.


I edited your above post
Thanks. Chiron Look. I added records. What else questions ask me. Edit: From a Russian-speaking forum there is information that this problem not at all.
In addition attach your diagnostics report to the previous post.
Sorry. At present it is already impossible. :( Now I again on 5 versions.

Thank you. However, I will not be able to forward this without a diagnostics report. If possible, please uninstall V5 and again install V7. Then see if the issue still occurs. If it does please create a diagnostics report and attach it to your above post. Then respond to this topic so I know that it has been attached.

Thank you.

PM reminder sent.

I received.
You watch from me PM.