CFP 3 Screenshots

Prevx1 user? :slight_smile:

The first screenshot looks nice. I don’t like the idea of plugins. I preffer the firewall to a complete solution once you install. Not addition downloads unless updates of course.

If plugins will be in future versions, they will no doubt be optional anyway (as per the thread I linked).

I understand that 3.0 is not ready to be released i guess :THNK

But could we have screenshots of version 3.0 for ppl who can’t wait pls pls (:TNG)

Why do you think that (:SAD)

Greetz, Red.

Ok, I found the answer (:SAD)

Greetz, Red.

as we have to wait for 2 or 3 week well could we see screenshots of V3.0. As people can’t wait for it lol. though i can but would like to see V3.0 screenshots

Melih has said he will try to get some screenshots prior to the release, elsewhere on the forums.


Yes, but there aren´t new (!) screen shots??!!


The last one is Ok.
But the others are absolutely dreadful

You and I think alike! A minimalist approach.

i will try to post some screenshots within next day or so…



That would be great… Even more now when release has been postponed.

Hey Melih, you should make everybody wait :stuck_out_tongue:

and here is the first screenshot of the summary page :slight_smile:

BTW: we have an estimated time of 7th June for beta… we believe we can meet this deadline… (wish us luck :slight_smile: )


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Ooh, I’m intrigued…

Best of luck on the proposed release date!


Wow! That looks smart and powerful. Now I’m even more eager to try it.

Smooth change! I hope it’s not just the appearance but other things that have been requested (e.g. re-sizable, etc.). The name is still the same, though. Tip of the Day is new as well. I like how the top panel space is fully utilized with the major options

, which is what current versions lack.

Looks really great :smiley: