CFP 3 Screenshots

Would it be too much to ask for some CFP 3 screenshots? Just to give us an idea of what to expect ;D.


yeah screen-shots would be cool…

How’s that?

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it just got very annoying i wanted to write something in 5 threads. and got the “90 sec error” in all of them (:AGY)

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Sure i will :slight_smile:

and i know im not in violation of the 90 sec rule.
because it was more then 16 hours since i last was on the forum.

We have predicted pictures of CFP 3. Those are kinds of screenshots.

BTW, these were all designed by former mod Paul.

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Here’s one by mod AOwl. CFP version 4!! He claims he’s psychic.

Sorry for being off-topic as this is about CFP version 3…

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(btw, nice screenshots, but a little too much; good creativity anyway)

I was thinking like, Component Monitor going away, Application Monitor simpler, and HIPS taking the load.
Application Monitor would only set rules for applications that connect directly, which ports, and IP’s.
HIPS would control dll’s, parent processes, interprocess modifications, etc. , or in other words, take ABA’s functions, and occupy Component Monitor’s place in GUI.

Would this be a correct expectation? Melih?

I agree those samples were too much. However, if Comodo ever decided to go with the plugin idea and implement then the skinning engine would be great.

Humm, perhaps Melih doesn’t want to spoil the release. I can wait ;D

Plugin and skinning … nice ideas :slight_smile:


I think those are part of Pandlouk’s idea, though, when he started that thread after seeing some users requests (probably adopted and expanded from Outpost Firewall).

Hi Melih,

Great minds think alike. I totally agree with you. I would recommend a nice clean interface like the current one in version 2 and maybe an option to change the primary color “blue” to black or red, etc. Beyond that, if anyone wants to get fancy, then skins are definately a good option.


See my short version of the sreenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

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Prevx1 user? :slight_smile:

The first screenshot looks nice. I don’t like the idea of plugins. I preffer the firewall to a complete solution once you install. Not addition downloads unless updates of course.

If plugins will be in future versions, they will no doubt be optional anyway (as per the thread I linked).

I understand that 3.0 is not ready to be released i guess :THNK

But could we have screenshots of version 3.0 for ppl who can’t wait pls pls (:TNG)

Why do you think that (:SAD)

Greetz, Red.