CFP BETA General Feedback/Impressions (Not for Bug Reports) [CLOSED]

Please post general feedback regarding CFP v3.0.9.229 Beta in this thread. This thread is not for bug reports or questions about how v3 works.

Thanks for helping make CFP v3 a better firewall ~


Great work!

working fine, no problems yet (hope none),
reduced memory, even better
even cleaner UI
and always remember is checked by default, less click on my part

hope for more & better improvements in the future


I see the Safelist Profiler is gone. Hmm, yet there still seems to be a safelist at work here…

cmdagent is looking fine to me, with 2.4M working, 7.1M peak. And cfp is okay at 6.7M working, but had a 21M peak… not sure what that was all about.

Thanks for the new security levels & descriptions (paranoid, heh!) and installation mode. I’ll post back once I’ve tried it.


Looks good
Seems to have built a very nice list of rules with Defense Plus in Train with SafeMode stil as of yet need to test my Network to see if it continues to work

I like the new GUI


Would somebody please post me some screenshots of the new 3.09.229 releases GUI. I am unable to install it myself and check it out until I get access to my test machine on Monday.



Nice little reminder from Install Mode that it’s still on. Only popup I got was from Explorer.exe accessing the installation file. I couldn’t find any log of the changes made to the system during installation, though; I guess that was not included… :frowning:

During my “test” installation, about three pages of files were generated for submission. This caused me to realize that there is no method for selecting all files, other than checking each box individually. Yikes! Gotta have a “select all” option.

Also, after submitting these files to Comodo, they do not automatically disappear from the list. I still had to go back thru, check them all again, and then click Remove. Again, Yikes! :slight_smile: If they’re not automatically removed (which I think they should be, as a way to confirm submission), then we must (again) have the “select all” option.


Here’s the summary screen


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This looks great! Definate improvement over previous BETAs, cant wait to test this for myself.

Thanks Little Mac for the screenshots.

(:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY)

Now “remember my answer” is standard and i must it very often declick.

I like the yes/no or allow/deny system possibility for only one session.

That has many reasons.

1.) When i am clicking quickly it is possible that i allow a malware and when “remember my answer” is standard i allow a malware for ever even i didn´t want that.

2.) For the internet connection i want allow to browse the browser only for one session. It is further possible but i must declick “remember my answer”. That is not fine.

Please make a (switch) possibility for user if “remember my answer” is standard or not.

Thanks for your works!


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I agree about making an option to set Remember This Action as default.

Just installed it at Vista and the 4 min delay seems to be gone :BNC
Well done Comodo! (L)

A suggestion:

Comodo could create two general settings 1.) “remember my answer” for internet firewall is standard or not and 2.) “remember my answer” for defense+ is standard or not??!!


Just get that window after i disable avast webshield. There’s no file name or any ‘More…’ or alike buttons to get more infos.

Picture attached.

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Maybe you will like these ones as well, stay tuned :).

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6 minutes until config window, config window was opened in the background. I know there’s no real previous v3. version but you should start with “Import previous file profiles”.

svchost.exe is trying to execute cfpconfg.exe message when i click on Diagnostic, no default rule for this? :slight_smile:

The over all speed is better on my machine.

Hi, and WOW!!!

I remember when scrolling down the General Feedback I asked for the firewall to automaticly identify all new network interfaces so that the user wouldn’t have to manualy add them to make rules, (;msg91181#msg91181) and thinking “you are asking too much”, but then Beta 3 came… ADN NOW IT’S THERE !!! :BNC :BNC :BNC :BNC :BNC :BNC :BNC

On the other hand, being a P2P user, I must talk about the logs… Have you tried scrolling down the active connectios log when eMule -for example- is up and runing??? It’s IMPOSIBLE. The autoupdate feature of the logs makes it impossible to look at the connections by other applications, and since you cannot collapse every entry to see just what is connecting and not evert connection alive, or make it read by name sou you can put emule elswere on the order, etc., you can’t see anything.
And I say it’s here because I don’t see it as a bug but as a wrong implementation of how the logs should work or the functionality they should have…

In any case, This Firewall Rocks, even in BETA. (B)

I think that is a great idea/fix. But you must remember that the developers will pick majority/ease of use when deciding who wants what feature. So most people will prefer it stay ticked such as me who always leaves it ticked unless im doing tests which need denying. I do not see why you need to un-tick it often unless you enjoy ticking it each time. It is not often you need to deny malware, computers techies know not to continuously press allow if its annoying them.

Are you asking for a way to set what the default/standard is for each of these? In other words, you can make a setting so that it will always be on “Block” and “Remember”, or “Allow” and no “Remember” etc etc?

If so, I agree that could be handy.



My wish is the systematic of CFP 2.4 and CFP 3.0 previous version.

For example: Firfox is my standard browser. I am surfing 2 hours and after that i close the browser. And when the firefox browser wants to connect to the internet again i want know that (!!!). It were possible that my browser is taken over from a malware programm.

With other words: Every time when a programm try to connect to the internet i want see an alert for one session. And i want to decide if i remeber it or not.

I want that the firewall remember if i want “remeber my answer”. That was the systematic of CFP 2.4 and CFP 3.0 previous and that had a sense.


I thought Comodo has saperate protection for that? Correct me if i am wrong someone but even though you allow a program doesn’t the component control ask for every other program that would use firefox?

I created a new picture.

When the right point is setting then every time “Remember my answer” would be suggest.

When the right point isn´t setting then the left setting is only guilty for this time session.

This is my wishing improvement suggestion.

Do you understand me???


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