CFP BETA 64-Bit Bug Reports [CLOSED]

Please report all bugs for CFP v3.0.9.220 Beta 64-Bit in this thread.

Please be sure to include:

Computer information
Operating System information
Actively-running security and utility applications
Specific symptoms of the bug, and steps you can take to reproduce it.
Specific steps you have taken to try to resolve it.

Thanks for helping to make CFP v3 a better firewall ~


Vista Ultimate 64-bit
KIS7 (Kasperkey Firewall removed)

Problem 1: Clicking on program links in Defense+ Alert closes CFP.
Steps to resolve: Uninstalled WinRAR 3.71. Clicking on program links in Defense+ Alert show file properties correctly.

  • WinRAR 3.71 Shell Integration conflicts with CFP 3.09.229.

Problem 2: File properties opens behind Defense+ Alert.

Go to Manage My Configurations, click on Export and choose Default. The file is created but no written data and an insufficent rights popup will come up (see picture).

Is this anyhow connected with "3 - The default configuration does not contain all critical resources e.g. registry keys, COM interfaces etc. " ?

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At the Proactive Defense there’s a text that 2 files are waiting for my review. There were 2 files, yes, but i was able to check and move only the second one and can’t do anything with this avast entry (i used checkbox). Any ideas?

Note that i’m able to remove the entry.

Vista 64 bit, avast free.

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This is a minor glitch.
Currently CFP3 got some problems with dinamically generated files. That file is deleted soon after an update, this cause a similiar problem with purge and D+ rules as it is not possible to mark some rule to be retained if the executable is nowhere to be found

I’ve got a big problem on Vista x64. I started to install Comodo firewall, it restarted a few times trying to install a “Comodo Firewall Miniport” driver. Then I uninstalled comodo firewall because it was constantly restarting my computer trying to install these drivers. I then installed the previous version of comodo firewall beta that was working fine before the latest beta install, but it now makes my computer reboot. Then I uninstalled that and the rebooting stopped. I noticed these in my Device Manager which seem to be causing the problem, but they can not be uninstalled by right clicking and selecting uninstall. Can someone please help.

Did you try to remove them after booting in safe mode?

You can also try to remove them using:

Did you try to remove them after booting in safe mode?

Yes, all it does it refreshes device manager but they still appear.

Update: I disabled the devices in device manager and reinstalled comodo firewall and it now seems to be working with no restarting of the computer. But I am still unable to remove these devices from the device manager.

If you look at these items properties is there any phisical driver file listed?

If you look at these items properties is there any phisical driver file listed?

Yes, C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\inspect.sys

Provider: COMODO
File version: buit by: WinDDK

My question was not useful at all :frowning: You reinstalled Comodo so It list the driver.
You may attempt to run the device menager as Administrator to see it there are some LUA issues.
I don’t have a vista machine at hand. It would be still possible to remove these items in the registry but it is not a wise choice.
The only method to do it properly is using Windows GUI.

Thanks for trying. Nothing seems to be able to delete them (except for risky registry changes), but my system doesn’t crash as long as they are disabled in device manager so I guess thats ok for now.

Sorry :-[. there is only an alternate method

is that uninstall button grayed out?

is that uninstall button grayed out?

No, i can click it and it does something, but it then refreshes device manager and nothing has been removed from the list.

The only option is System restore then. You can Test it and if doesn’t work you can reset your las operation.

Kaspersky Internet Security 7 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7 messes with CFP3’s Network Security Policy.
Rules are created but missing from Network Security Policy. Problem verified with Vista 64-bit and WinXP 32-bit.

Temporary Solution: Uninstall Kaspersky, reinstall CFP3.


I’m running Comodo in Win XP x64 with SP2. I found a bug related to a bug I reported some time ago: ICMP code and type are not logged.

They have been logged before (i.e., in v3.0.8.214) in an unusual format (multiplied by 256) in the columns for TCP/UDP source and destination port. In the current version, these fields are empty for ICMP packets.

I consider this a bug because it is not possible to control ICMP rules. As you can see on the attached image, there’s no way to understand why a specific packet came through while another one was blocked.

Since I cannot check which rules apply, I cannot confirm egemen’s statement that the bug I reported before is a matter of log visualization only.

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I don’t know if this will help but my computer isn’t working fine anymore, it gives a bsod with ndisuio.sys being the problem just after Vista x64 boots to the desktop.

The only option is System restore then. You can Test it and if doesn't work you can reset your las operation.

I tried that but somehow my restore points got corrupted and cannot be used. ???

I think I have found the conflicting software because I booted back to last good configuration and the change was a VMware install. VMware and Comodo don’t work together and give BSODs. I think it is due to the “virtual” network adapters it installs and Comodo has problems with them.

This configuration without VMware allows Vista x64 to boot and work fine now, but I still have those Comodo Firewall miniports in device manager that can’t be uninstalled.