CFP Released

Hi Guys,

I would like to announce the availability of CFP available for download at

Previous version are going to update themselves automatically so you do not need to reinstall if you have a previous version installed.

Whats New?

FIXED! CFP.exe could be terminated using EndTask API
FIXED! When the firewall alerts were disabled, all the traffic was blocked

This version fixes the 2 bugs reported in Matousec leak testing report too.


Is Matousec gonna give us a retest like they did with OA? Would be nice.

egemen, I already made a topic about this here around 8 minutes ago (:SHY)

If Comodo pays Matousec to do that, they will…


EndTask API? Is that the Kill5 test that CFP failed on Matousec? Request a paid testing! Show the world you’re up to 99%. :smiley:

No way ! No paid tests. It’s just plain stupid :wink:

Would you rather wait half an year longer until they test it again and meanwhile OA seconding it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Matousec’s tests are not enough. Read Melih’s replies ;D

Who cares? I don’t need Matousec to tell me that CFP rules. ;D

Ceterum censeo alert, create rule, 100% CPU, yadda yadda… well you know the drill…

Did you fix the BSOD problem after checkdisk? o;O

And what about wireless adapter connection problems with previous configuration importing and updating previous configuration with new security measures?

BTW. I think in installation procedure should be: “Do you wanna your CFP to pass Matousec tests configuration?”, “Comodo classic configuration?” and “Pass Leak test Configuration only” :slight_smile:

99%, I agree with you 100%

Good Day Egeman,

Has the CHKDSK bug been fixed?..
If not, then when will it be fixed?..

Thank You,


Making double posts wont get your answer and sooner. I am sure Melih is aware of the problem but there are priorities. Most bug fixes are fixes that are important to the overall integrity of the program and being sure its lock tight against attacks. I have never ever used CHDSK is all my years of owing a pc (well over 15) nor have I ever had to. If Windows runs fine then leave it be. Hopefully your problem will be fixed soon but till then enjoy one of the best free firewalls around. BTW I have shut down most XP services that are not needed and I also use Windowblinds with a patched uxtheme. If I ran CHDSK I would get tons of errors but yet there is nothing wrong with my Windows install.

Quick Question.

I was never able to update to the last release it kept coming up with error 119, will this now be fixed?

Do have to update manaually through CFP or will it do it automatically.


I am getting the 119 error message too. Only solution for me was to uninstall Comodo, Reboot, and do a fresh install :frowning:

Other then that, Thanks for the release!


Wrong. For example see ultramon.exe story - issue was reported continuosly since 2007 (and without feedback from staff as usualy). On march 2008 one guy has repeated the same question at another topic (where Melih was at moment); further: – gimme link – there is… after hour (HOUR! not week, month or half year) message from staff: – yeah, issue reproduced & fixed - piece of cake - will be in next update. Huh? Three month of hemorrhoid and one hour for solution!
So. “Making double (triple… etc.) posts” may be effective :stuck_out_tongue:

You entangled certainly: CHKDSK doesn’t check OS system files (SCANDSK does), chkdsk checks file system (integrity, descriptors and such) - when any file or MFT record or cluster becomes corrupt, OS (not you) marks disk as ‘dirty’ and calls offline chkdsk procedure and if this unsuccessful, procedure scheduled again and again, entropy grows up, till bye-bye partition ;D

I’m sure priority #1 is overall integrity of the system - just like incoming policy - global rules first :wink:

I know your right ei4ia. I know the difference between the 2. Sorry I didn’t make my point more clear. But like I said I have never ever had to use CHKDSK. Did you make a bug report?

Already reported at Bugs/BSODs of course

Vettetech Please put your brain into gear before shooting off, Particularly when You Are Wrong…
Unfortunately, your attitude is Rather Tiresome…

Thank You,
Have a Nice day,


Btw, its long overdue for You to learn how CHKDSK works, & how important it is…
You have really been missing a great deal…