CF has been released!

I would like to announce the availability of CF at

What’s New?

FIXED! Bug causing slow windows startups
FIXED! Bugs causing BSODs
FIXED! Bugs causing GUI to crash
FIXED! Bug causing windows startup to freeze when block all outgoing connections option selected
FIXED! Bug causing some alerts to be invisible


Sweeeeeet! Thank You. ;D

Already seeing an improvement! Thanks Comodo!! (B) (L) (R) (V) (:HUG)

Thanks a lot.
I used updater, but i downloaded this version too, simply caution if my PC crash and i must format.

Has the CLP icon been removed from the system tray with this new release?

Regards, Silverfox

You could get rid of that is the previous release (

Is the updater guaranteed to work?

The CPF 2.3 Updater worked flawlessly to update to, preserving all settings. On the first boot after updating, the old “slowness feature” had disappeared and the boot was back to its normal quickness. There is still a brief alert about not being able to initialize fast user switching, but that’s o.k., since it no longer implies a problem with CPF.

Nice quick response, Comodo Guys!

                             (:CLP)                         (:CLP)                  (:CLP)

Edited to fix typos!

It seemed a little slow to me, but other than that there were no problems or errors with the update.


Great work Comodo, the slow booting bug is fixed and everything else seems to be working fantastic.
Keep up the good work (B)

Updated from 2.4 just fine. Faster starting, but still a nagging popup. Cant communicate with fast user switching, terminal services disabled. Yes I have terminal services disabled, why does CPF have to notify me? Otherwise, Great Job!!


It will only show once. Then it will not show that box again.


Does CF 2.3.5 have HIPS or just the AV? Bcause Cyberhawk had serious bugs I was thinking of installing Prevx1R or Sandiebox but if CF has HIPS then there’s no need.

i just updated with the updater on dialup took about 20 min. worked great (R) thank you guys very much (:CLP)

No problems with update, no problems while using… as usual :wink: :smiley:

Well I’m happy. In fact, IMHO, it must getting close to the point now where Comodo should think of renaming CPF to CPF Pro. :slight_smile:

good idea :wink:


Doesn’t the PRO label on many free FW’s and AV’s mean ‘Pay for’? If there is ever a CPF Pro I hope it’s still a freebie.

Exactly, that’s the idea. If CPF is up there with the Firewall Pro’s, which quite a few people probably feel is true, then it should have the Pro tag, despite being free. In ur face ZoneLabs. ;D

LOL… exactly :slight_smile: