CE AV scan - Windows 10 no longer boots!

I’m on a clean Windows 10 Pro installation and whenever I run the CE AV scan, quick or full, after the reboot my PC gets into a “trying to repair windows” loop unless I disable secure boot.

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Hi Linition,

Thank you for reporting.
The team aware of this issue and they are working on it.
We will keep you posted.


So you just continue to distribute this software that bricks people’s systems without so much as a warning, forcing them to reinstall or guess how to fix it.
I see… :-TD

Creating Trust Online”

…how ironic.


Never had problems with it like you!

I just tried it with secure shopping opened. No problems!


I’ve been having the same issue for over a year. Can we get an actual fix?

Also, can a COMODO employee confirm the following information that I received in a chat session with Geek Buddy? (That CCE will be removed from CIS2024). I really wonder why I’ve been told by Geek Buddy that: 1) Devs are aware of the issue; 2) Devs included CCE in CIS2024 beta; 3) The issue persists more than a year after initial report; 4) Devs would remove CCE in CIS2024 beta instead of fixing it. Thanks for confirming and clearing things out.

Here’s part of a chat transcript with a geekbuddy representative on February 7th 2024:

Geek Buddy: Comodo cleaning essentials is no more and it is a discontinues product.

Me: May I ask why it is integrated in CIS2024 then?

Geek Buddy: We escalated the issue and soon it will be fixed in the next update.

Geek Buddy: Sorry for the inconvenience, we have not received any update for CCE and it is no more.

Geek Buddy: …we already said CCE is not working, and we request you to not use.

Geek Buddy: In the Next update, Comodo CCE will not be integrated and you cannot download from the Comodo. If you have any questions you can send an email to the support team we do not have answers for your questions since it is a management decisions

(What is referred here as support team is: cisquestions@comodo.com).

Thanks for confirming the information provided and clearing things out!

Hoping to see CCE still present in CIS2024 instead of being removed!

Thanks in advance,


Greetings Linition,

UEFI install is also what I suspected to maybe cause the issue as the issue never occurred on Win8 (non-UEFI install), but started to occur on Win10 and Win11.

Windows creates a log of the error preventing itself from auto-repairing in SRTtrail.log. From my experience after 5-8 different attempts on two Windows installation on the same PC (after managing to restore from a restore point) EVERY TIME SRTtail log pointed to a faulty driver being the issue. What I feel is strange is that the driver 1) isn’t listed amongst the installed drivers (using driverview) and 2) the faulty driver is always a different one each time I try to run CCE.

=> What I found to be the fix… is to create a restore point with sysdm.cpl (type it in win+r and then click on the “System Protection” tab). Afterwards, you can safely try to run CCE full scan and when Windows might enter the endless loop of auto-repair (after rebooting to launch the scan), you can then look into the restore options to load from a restore point and save the windows installation!


I managed to have CCE full scan running, on a PC on which it would always break the Windows installation when CCE would reboot to perform the full scan, by blindly following instructions at: [Solved] Clean Endpoint / COMODO Cleaning Essential (CCE) is discontinued? - #43 by burialfaith .

I am now noticing that the PC on which I managed to have CCE running doesn’t show “Secure Boot” under Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Device Security, but in msinfo32 it shows that the the BIOS is UEFI. (Please see the following picture).

Interestingly, on another PC on which I can’t get CCE to run, Secure Boot is enabled under Settings > … > Device Security (and msinfo32 also shows that BIOS is UEFI). (Please see the following picture).

Thus, it seems, as you stated in your OP, that: when secure boot is enabled it prevents CCE (full scan) from running.