CD 36. Please return the menu orb button to the top left corner.

Self explanatory.

Please vote, thanks.

I don’t mind having it on the right side, just bring back the orb.

As NirmaX said; at least have an orb. Preferably in the top left.

Yup, I don’t really care the position of it, but at least bring back the dragon Orb as it will give identity to the browser, it’s just a sprite change, but a very symbolic one :azn: because right now its a blind dragon ;D

Thanks for your votes.

One reason that I would like it returned to the left side, is it is so much more convenient to get to the recent tabs list.
Personally most of my tab work (Closing etc) is done from the left side.


If it’s moved back to the top left, we can’t exit the program by trying to access the main menu. It would restore identity, as well as sanity. The orb, and the position, both of which made the main menu easily identifiable, were what I liked about Dragon. Please put them back.

Please bring back the orb on the top left side back because it is so recognizable,
and it explains “This is Comodo Dragon”.

Thanks for the comments and votes. :-TU

Please place it on the left. It’s more convenient. Simply because when using a mouse as a right handed person moving to the left is a less stressful action.

Thanks to everyone who commented and voted. :-TU

Dragon Developers, please consider this request.
Note: Request is for Dragon only (Not Chromodo), keep Dragon unique. :slight_smile:

Yes. 19 (90.5%)
No. 0 (0%)
I don’t care. 2 (9.5%)

Thank you.

The ORB makes Comodo a real dragon! It uniquely identifies this browser as one of the very best available! And is promotes the Comodo Product brand, which is good for your business!

I agreed :-TU I liked to use old Firefox button place too.

Why was it taken off in the first place? Bad call IMO…

Any news from the devs?

Missed this interface…gold old days!
Orb menu on left, great old icon, unique reload and homepage buttons, soft squared tabs :-TU :-TU :-TU

Please return browser button (Dragon and IceDragon) to top left corner. As shown in yigido’s screenshot above (previous page), gives Comodo browsers some identity.