Comodo Dragon is now available for download.

Thnx a lot. :slight_smile:

Take ur time Shane

Looking forward 2 the new Dragon icon media.

Yeap, that was cool!
But, most of the people keep their mouse/cursor position, in the right of the page, so accessing the menu would be made more easy if it is in the right of the window also, so … yep …!

+1 меню слева было удобней, хотя для меня без разницы

Love the sharper icon.

I usually keep it to the left, why? Because tabs start at the left, bookmarks start at the left, the URL is typed on the left, the back/forward/refresh are at the left and content on websites are usually either centered or to the left … With all these things already at the left I do have to question the point about the majority having their cursor to the right and I’m interested in a source for this claim.

Hi Sanya,
I have to agree with you, most operations and functions are performed from the left.

I find the menu button all the way over the other side the planet annoying.

Kind regards.

I have the new version. Yesterday everything looked different. Today everything looks the same except for icon. Message came back chrome is not supported?

I’m getting the Unsupported Browser message from Google when I’m in my Gmail. I disabled all extensions like I was told to try as a possible solution in the article and restarted and still got the same message.


As a user of Opera I am more used to this type of messages. They just mean the site was not tested for that browser; it will very likely still work. HTML 5 specs did not change all of a sudden. Each time when I open Google Docs with Opera I get that message but that doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Please see format verified this bug, I know you are interested in it.


@17 No worries, this isn’t an extension issue, it’s because the outdated core version of CD/CS compared to Google Chrome who’s now on (39.0.2171.85). CD and CS are based on (36.0.1985.97).

In general, Gmail supports the current and prior major release of Chrome

The current release of Chrome is 39, the prior one is 38, and Dragon is based upon Chromium 36.

It’s quite simple, the majority are right handed, so the mouse is in the right of your desk in your right hand, so this is why the scrollbar is too in the right of the window … and people read/write left to right, and we are right brain … and so on …
Only if you were a left handed you could say that you always keep your pointer in the left of the screen … yes I keep too, sometimes, the pointer in the left, but that’s because of the content of the page …

And, taking your point of view, I can say that in the right part of the browser are extension, bookmark star, cookies settings, zoom menu, scrollbar, minimize/maximize/close, in some site you have “Go Top” arrow up, in the right corner bottom of page, buttons links in the right … etc … so … yep …

P.S. I’m not saying that I didn’t like the dragon orb … I don’t really care where the settings menu is, I more use shortcut keys … so … I was just saying where was the rightful place of settings menu!

I personally do not think that being right-handed and having the mouse on the right side of the desk has any influence on where the user decides to have the cursor, if you have any source to a study on this I may change my position but as I am right-handed and have the mouse on the right and usually have my cursor to the left I am not ready to accept that theory without a source.

I personally never use the scrollbar because I have a scroll wheel with which I scroll the page, if I would have none then I would probably be going mad about the scrollwheel being on the right side and would try to find a solution for it to be on the left side.

Of course you also have things in the right side, anything else would be a waste of space, however how often does the normal user use these in comparison to what’s on the left side like bookmarks, back/forward/refresh and contents of the page in general? I am personally not bookmarking more sites than I am visiting for example.

And I disagree with your opinion about where the rightful place is, there simply isn’t a rightful place, only opinions about where the rightful place is and that is the reason why I asked if an option to choose where the menu should be was possible (I asked this in the last version release thread I think, went unanswered)

Is there a shortcut for opening the menu in chrome? If so I believe this would be much less of an issue for me.
Actually I just looked the shortcut up and you can use Alt+F, Alt+E or F10 - Alt+F and Alt+E is inconvenient because of the finger gymnastics imo and F10 only highlights the menu, it doesn’t open it. Is it possible to set ones own shortcuts? I believe CTRL+E would be much more convenient (it might already be something but I’d like to override it)

Did you notice that you’ve wrote only on first person and not on third person …
I’m not using scrollbar (I have touchpad, and I scroll with 2 fingers :wink: ), back/forward (backspace)… just shortcuts, for menu I don’t know any shortcut … Anyway …
Ctrl+t / Ctrl+Shift+t
Ctrl+n / Ctrl+Shift+n
Ctrl+Shift+o / Ctrl+Shift+b (toggle)
Ctrl+scroll / …

A source for my theory … :wink: ) don’t remember … search it if you are curious … , just think why would google place the menu there in chrome, for so many years … or on … (you think that they did it because they’re crazy ?!) (read a course about developing software, but not for touch screen devices, because there’s a different story…)

Sorry but I will stop here, I won’t maintain the flame anymore on this subject … think what ever you want!

Right now we are arguing of who is right and … and not on the orb position … I’ve told you already, I don’t care were the orb is (maybe I’m ambidextrous)!

Good Luck!

Hi, I’ve tuned the new “light” theme to be in style with the “Old Dragon Theme”.
This way, we can have a classic colors, slightly more streamlined, and also a distinctive “incognito” colors (in contrast to the “Old Dragon Theme”, where its identical to “normal”). I thought about redoing the “bluish” incognito style at first, but ended up just refining the new “reddish” one.
I’ve also decreased the opacity of the background comodo giant logo, so it’ll look less intrusive, and added a bit of shadows there.

So, here you go:
(Theme’s .crx file MD5: d509f7e113b2b005ae999538de3d33fa )

[attachment deleted by admin]

+1 on all of the above. :-TU
Examples: You just have to look at the Windows file manager (The left side column is the file/folder tree), or security programs settings are mostly opened from the left side of the GUI and even cleaning programs like CCleaner have the most used functions in a column on the left side.

TB email I have personally set to show the menu bar, because otherwise you have to inconveniently go to the right to get to commonly used settings and tools.
At least the option is there.

IMO most of the examples I have mentioned are where they are for convenience and efficient usability, I don’t care much about what is the most aesthetically pleasing.

BTW: I am also right handed.

Just my thoughts. :slight_smile:

I had tested this newest version, the theme not so comfortable and sometime, comodo secure dragon still tell us clean site as malware contains site, I had checked it on, non of othem service says that the site I will visite is contain virus and malware, and 1 more thing, using secure DNS still slow sometime, so I choose still using chrome secure rather than comodo dragon

You can disable Comodo SecureDNS in the settings if you want.

Change the white shade of the background tab color. It is too bright. After half an hour of using the browser my eyes hurt, literally.
This browser is unusable because of this. Was the comodo design team changed?
Out of curiosity, can someone use the default theme for more than a couple of minutes?