CD Official update or something wrong?

Just done a check for the update and my CD updated to version with some issues as always but is it a new official update with no info yet or is something wrong with the server?

I don’t think the server created an update on it’s own, I assume it’s a normal release, and that the forum post will follow soon.

I noticed that my PrivAlert settings changed after the update. The advertising option now had a blue box rather than a check mark (I had all options checked).

I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Yeah looks 100% official now.

My Privalert won’t update now. That thing with blue box in advertising section was before in CD. I think it means it’s in use.

Mine will not update either. All of my options were checked in PA prior to the update, so it was changed. I’m assuming the blue box meant that not everything within the advertising section was selected, but the option was enabled. I went ahead and rechecked it like it was prior to the update.

Mine doesn’t update either.

Is WebInspector already integrated?

It has Site Inspector, but I don’t think that automatically scan’s everything you try to visit if that’s what your question is about?

Comodo Site Inspector is now and a version before is a WebInspector but it won’t scan the web links in the auto mode like it used to.

I see guys. Well at least I’m not the only one who have such issue. I think something is wrong with their server anyway as the CD download took ages. So we have to wait and see now.

It’s now on majorgeeks

I’m talking about this…;msg643180#new

I clicked on the download link in the release topic of 23.2 and got the installer for 23.3.

Apparently Comodo has replaced the installer to the latest version and has not made a release topic yet.

Check for (Privalert) updates seems to work again here

Yeah same here :slight_smile:

…open up “advertising” & scroll to “AdThLst” entry & see if it’s unchecked. Mine was after this (23.3) update. Cheking it restores the check mark in advertising…

This update appeared to have prevented PrivAlert from resetting to 612 items versus the updated 613 items after clearing the browsing cache.

I see nothing else affected so far. Do hope for a quick changelog that makes the other tweaks more transparent.

This update is taking too long. Its been 30 mins on 4mbps broadband & still downloading.

And too bad the about screen doesn’t shows the correct percentage of download & it always shows 0%.

Hi naren,
This sounds a if there was a glitch in the download, I suggest trying again after a short time.
Close and re-open before trying again.