CD Official update or something wrong?

…also make sure the Windows Service for Dragon Updater is running…

It worked fine now.

what is auto mode. as far as I know site inspector has never auto scanned sites users visit

On a push of the button it did. Now you need to paste a link.

Why is there no official release post?

Hi Seany007,
This is fixed now, Web/Site inspector now works without requiring copy/paste.

Hi Siketa,
Sorry, we have not heard what is happening. :frowning:

Oh well, we can wait. I like to see a change log before updating.

Reference that, could there be a change log at the download page …

For those of us who do not auto update.

Or even … Is there an open source development topic somewhere for this fork of chromium that can be bookmarked ?

…here’s what Chromium says on the version that Dragon 23.3 is based on…
( 23.0.1271.97)

23.2 was also based on tgat Chromium version.
We know that. 88)

My Dragon just updated to

Dragon just updated to 23.4 on this end, too, and removed the Privalert extension.

What was the reason for revoking it?

Please read here.;msg643913#msg643913

Locking this topic now.