CBOC 4.24 is officially out!!!!

Just downloaded at the link here at COMODO! Thanks to Kevin and all involved!!! (:CLP)

(FYI… the MD5 is different from the last RC version. So I would imagine a fresh install is in order.)

■■■■, you are right :BNC


How sneeky (:AGY)

Boys, don’t forget to uninstall your version 4.23 ONLY this way ( That’s because of a bug that has to do with 4.23 ) First shut down CBOClean 4.23 . Now go to the programs group, Comodo, CBOClean, and select the uninstall from there. When that is finished you can install CBOClean 4.24 .

Greetz, Red.

Great to here Thanks Kevin for your hard work and Thanks Comodo for keeping it alive!

TH :BNC :■■■■ :■■■■

is it really necessary to redo the program, like to reinstall it?


Matt Segstro

Thank you.

Someone from the development team would need to give you a definitive answer. But based on the info at hand, knowing that the MD5 hash of the official version does not match the last release candidate, I would uninstall the old one, reboot and then load the new one. If you do this, you will know for sure things are right…

Yes Matt, and for 4.23 ONLY the way I descriped in my post above. And there is no need for a reboot. That’s what Kevin explained to the ( former ) testers :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

As Red has already stated, yes. There’s more detailed information available here: http://www.comodo.com/boclean/supboc.html


a fresh install went smoothly (:CLP) boc424.exe takes 12.248kb Ram / 16.076kb VM and bocore.exe 1.436kb Ram / 484kb VM.

It’s time for a test drive… (:KWL)


Thanks to all of you for your help, I will uninstall BOClean and reinstall the new one from the Comodo website. Thanks for your time

Matt Segstro

Uninstall of 4.23 and install of 4.24 went smoothly.

Thanks Kevin!!

same here’s all is running fine again. thanks everyone (:CLP)

Matt Segstro

Has the Winsock problem been solved?
I havent heard anything about this. I sent Kevin a file showing all my progs installed, as requested, but didnt hear anything.


Got it a couple of hours ago, thanks Comodo! Had to kill 4.23 though, and I really mean kill - delete it manually. Wasn’t able to uninstall. Doesn’t matter to me, since I know how to deal with that kind of stuff.


Good Stuff … all working fine here :slight_smile:

Same here, updated 2 XP machines, everything’s working fine.
There’s nothing to see here, move on (:KWL)

Went and installed the new version. Everything went without a hitch. Was very excited waiting for this new update. It seems to even take less resources than the other version. That was already low as it is. But hey im not complaining! :BNC

Got the new version. Working excellently here.

Been running fine for for me for a while now…

But…When was this program actually completed???

I ask because the dates i have found show BOC424.exe @ 6/5/07 and BOCORE @ 4/21/07

Just curious.

Same here, work just fine!!