CAVS Beta Launched

Hi all,
This is to inform that CAVS Beta is released for beta testers (only). You can download it from link:

Please uninstall previous version before installing it. But while uninstalling, you can choose not to delete the existing safelist databases. So, the previous rules applied by you will remain with new installation.
Thanks for your co-operation in building this product bugs free and stable. Please keep it up.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. HIPS alert dialog takes longer time to disapear -,3820.msg28996.html#msg28996
  2. While HIPS settings high, its gets hang -,4363.msg32550.html#msg32550

Note: There is known hang bug while user double clicks on a virus file from windows explorer/desktop. The developers are still fixing it.

Apart from the above the following bugs from forums has been fixed

    • Google Desktop Search is not compatible with CAV and comodo antispam
    • Files in temp folder are not cleared
    • Safe List Scanner closes abruptly
    • Low security level option is not working in HIPS
    • Scan engine failed to load safe list db
    • Even after disabling email scanner is working
    • HIPS block execution of applications
    • HIPS shows error when applications are allowed
    • sometimes email scanner blocks outgoing emails
    • CPU usage for cavasm.exe remains high when other applications are executed
    • UPSDB maker consumes more resource and time for scanning
    • HIPS remembers the action taken in HIPS HIPS popup without selecting remembers option
    • On access alerts are displayed for the first time only
    • Removed rules are added automatically while accessing the file
    • Applications not loaded at startup when HIPS popup is closed by alt+F4
    • Virus files are not detected when sent through Eudora mail client
    • CAV is not scanning when we give more than 200 virus files
    • Multiple email accounts on thunderbird
    • Multiple accounts in Thunderbird
    • Some spelling mistakes
    • Error message is displayed on clicking quarantine window
    • Same shortcut keys are used in GUI
    • Removed Rules are remembered in this scenario.
    • HIPS Fails in following scenario
    • HIPS allow popup is shown only for the first time.
    • Sometimes Only 50% of Uninstaller progress runs.
    • Machines Freezes when HIPS pop up is not responded.
    • Blocked popup shown only at first time
    • Error message is displayed after UPSDB maker scan ends.
    • File is executed even it is blocked in this scenario
    • No database version is available
    • Virus name is not displayed fully in the reports
    • Virus name is not displayed in on access alert
    • Incoming mail scanner icon is displayed continuously
    • Select all option is not working properly in allow block manager
    • No warning message is displayed in allow block manager
    • Apply button is not enabled when incremental scan option is selected or deselected in On access setting window
    • cavse.exe consumes 90% of cpu usage when Add/Remove Programs is opened
    • Thunderbird consumes 90% of cpu usage during installation
    • HIPS pop up is shown for marked safe files in UPSDB maker
    • Multiple Drives are added when ’ Select My computer ’ option are clicked multiple times in UPSDB maker
    • Improper messages is displayed by UPSDB maker

Thanks and regards

Wow :o. What a list. Will install shortly. Thanks.


Impressing, let’s see how it will look in practice :slight_smile:

I will install it on my 2000 Virtual PC in a moment to take a look :slight_smile:


So far so good, just finished installing and checking a few things. I just noticed one thing that has been present in this beta, and beta versions in the past.

You call this product CAVS (for Comodo Antivrus-Spyware). But in the actual program, there is no indication that this product detects spyware. Maybe this is something to consider in future beta and release versions ;).


Good point! Perhaps it should be CAM, for Comodo Anti-Malware… :wink:


If they call it that, users may think that it is an additional product to add to their security, if they named it that then they would have to be sure that the user understands that this is a lone security product and should not be used along with other antivirus products.

The installer didn’t say i’ll reboot with the uninstalling of the earlier beta, did it? Only that reboot is needed. :THNK
Launchpad didn’t detect the beta av and i got no tray icon.
I’m not quite sure that it’s a good idea to use the texts as switches at the main interface! What if a beginner only wants to see the right pane infos and accidently clicks the text?
Memory scanning time is 3,77 file/s only.

Just regarding the naming issue: Under every circumstances let “anti-virus” be part of the name. I guess that is the only term that Average Joe will recognize and understand properly. Average Joe is not so much interested in the distinction of Virus, Worm, Spyware, Trojan, Malware and so on.
He calls everything that harms his PC simply a virus and not malware.


The link specified is not working it seems. Everytime i click, it says Page Not Found. (:AGY)

I have installed the new beta on two systems and so far there have been no problems apart from one pc trying to re-install my printer drivers - something that has not happened since I used beta 1.1. Easily solved though and perhaps unrelated to the new installation of CAVS. I will try uninstalling and re-installing CAVS and see if the same happens again on this pc.

I like the new option to select drives for safelist database creation, great for people in a work environment who don’t want to scan servers containing huge numbers of files.

I had a problem with Firefox that seems to have gone now I have installed this beta: maybe my old installation was faulty as the problem did not occur on my second test pc.

Still can’t remove entries from the manage allow/block list after software has been uninstalled but I am sure the development team will solve this minor issue in due time.

Overall a great effort guys, still not quite ready for the world premier but I would be happy to recommend this beta to anyone apart from total novices.


The link is live. Pls try again. If still not works check your internet connection and browser setting for .exe download.


Really great improvement in performance since two previous betas. Thank You very much. (:CLP) This one is really stealth, however I still have HIPS disabled.

No problems so far, running smoothly!

thanks and keep up the good work! (:CLP)

Hi Kishork,
Works fine here. But I have two requests for CAVsubmit:

  1. The ability to shorten the list by the size of the files
  2. The ability to select or deselect multiple files maybe by pressing the “shift” button. It is very annoying to check every single file that we do not want to submit :wink:


I must say, I think, Kudos! To you and the team.

As you know, I’ve continued to have the problem with CavEmlSvr.exe using nearly 100% of resources while trying to run Thunderbird.

I just installed at home, and ran TBird straight away. No problem. Usage was way down. Cavse.exe nearly went ballistic while opening TBird, but I can exclude that, so no problem there.

I was so excited I did not get a screenshot of exact percentage. If you would like one, I’ll reboot and grab it.


Hi Pandlouk,
Thanks for your feedback.
We will provide these options in upcoming versions.


Thanks LM. Any one still face high CPU uses by cavemsrv.exe?
Currently cavse.exe may take hish CPU uses while running the application for first time. From second time execution of the same application will be much fasters. Can you please observe this.


I am looking forward for it. (:HUG)

Hi LM,
Could you pls send /upload the cavasm.log from troubleshoot log folder? We will check and improve the cavse.exe performance.