CAVS Beta Launched

I’ll do that this evening. I checked last night, to see how cavse.exe did on opening TBird, and it was fine; not even a flicker that I could see.

I have not yet rebooted, though. Should the low usage still be true, or does it need to “relearn” with every reboot (such as CavEmlSvr.exe used to…)?



The log file is about 9MB, so I’ve emailed it to you, rather than break it up to post here.


This product is a latest beta of CAVS? (L)

Yes, it is.


I’m really not having much joy with CAVS.
I tried the previous beta which slowed my machine down to a grinding halt. And I mean grinding. I barely managed to uninstall it. It also never finished compiling the safe db (or whatever it’s called) upon first startup as it seemed to almost hang when examining jpg files - took roughly 5 mins or more per file.
I tried this latest beta which seemed to start ok. Little high on the cpu, but that maybe due to the comp starting up.
I cliked the CAVS tray icon and got some script error or some such (I’m sorry I cannot recall the exact details, I should’ve written stuff down but was somewhat unprepared), but I managed to perform a virus scan which seemed to function ok.
I decided to uninstall as it was obviously not working on my system.
I uninstalled, rebooted when prompted then had a dll missing or corrupt error. I’ve just had to repair windows.
I’m glad others are having joy, but everytime CAVS just murders my computer. I have the folders and files that are left over after the uninstall if they are of any use to your development.

Therefore, the launch of final version is imminent :BNC


I rebooted at home, and grabbed this screenshot of cavse.exe shortly after login to Windows. It had gone a little higher, but I grabbed what I could…

Also, CavEmlSvr.exe spiked to about 54% when I opened TBird for the first time after rebooting, but I wasn’t able to grab a screenshot, and it went down almost immediately.

Hope this can help…


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Hi LM,
Thanks a lot.
Dev guys are looking into it to fix it soon.



Here’s another screenshot of CavEmlSvr.exe after a reboot, and opening TBird. Again, it only lasted a few seconds, then dropped down to virtually no load at all.

In the order of operations, here’s how it goes:

Open TBird application. TBird shows up in Process Explorer.

CavEmlSvr.exe shows up in PE.

A few seconds later, CavEmlSvr spikes as TB’s password field opens.

Then CavEmlSvr drops back down, about the time I get the PW typed in and click OK.

Hope this helps some more…


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Installed the latest CAVS Beta today. What an improvement over beta 1.1. Installation went smoothly and, I must say that, I’m most pleased with its performance. What a foretaste of what the final product will be and expectations of greater things yet to be for CAVS. My heartiest congratulations to the Comodo Team for a job well done! Scan time reasonable for 39549 files lapsed 14:44 :BNC (V)


Everything looking good so far - well done everyone.

I’d really like to see it integrate with the Windows Security Center though - I guess this is in the pipeline?

Installed it, very good indeed. Just that the windows security alert keeps nagging that no antivirus is installed. Guess it’s because Windows security center don’t accept beta softwares…

Click on “Start”…Control Panel…select Windows Security…Under AntiVirus click on “Recommendations”…The “Recommendations Dialogue Box Opens”…place a check mark in “I have an antivirus program that I will monitor myself.” Click 'Okay"…close the Windows Security Dialogue Box and Control Panel. Tray notification is now gone…


After installed it and updated it last night, this morning my computer can’t login to Windows, not even safe mode. It will keep restarting. I didn’t know what happened but I had restored my computer from an earlier image.

I’ve just installed the new beta anti-virus - after I installed and uninstalled the 1.1 version yesterday, and I’m really impressed (:CLP) No Launch Pad application - and no more the “glass window” artifact in the middle of my desktop, that’s an improvement. As a long lasting Norton user, and recently of the Avast! + Zone Alarm combination - once again I feel convinced I will be safe with Comodo (both antivirus and firewall). If the final version of CAVS is better than the beta, or the same - I’m yours forever (:WIN)

Hi kishork,

I noticed that with CAVS2 installed, will browsing internet the processor usage goes high from 88-92% and sometimes even 100%.

Especially if a page has a large image.