CAVS Beta is Launched

Hi all,
This is to inform that CAVS Beta is released for beta testers (only). You can download it from link:

Please uninstall previous version before installing it. But while uninstalling, you can choose not to delete the existing safelist databases. So, the previous rules applied by you will remain with new installation.
Thanks for your co-operation in building this product bugs free and stable. Please keep it up.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. CAV crashed when download test virus -,3694.msg28381.html#msg28381

  2. Email Scanner uses 100% cpu -,3690.15.html,3931.msg29901.html#msg29901

  3. Could not connect to Internet -,3694.msg27680.html#msg27680

  4. Multiple instances of CAVSubmit -,3931.msg30017.html#msg30017,4071.msg31242.html#msg31242

  5. Email scanner failed with large size of files -,4363.msg32729.html#msg32729

  6. CAVS icon says “disabled” even it was enabled -
    Comodo Forum,4740.msg35296.html#msg35296

  7. CAVS doesn’t detect the compressed files virus -,4740.msg34985.html#msg34985

Note: The system hang bug while accessing encrypted files is fixed for win XP. This bugs is not yet completely fixed win2k.

  1. Comodo antivirus service crashes

  2. Machine hangs due to safe file submission while submitting large number of files

  3. Scan stuck on a particular file

  4. Installer progress runs upto 108%

  5. Memory scan takes so much time

  6. On access blocks opening and saving email attachments from thunderbird

  7. By default automatic updater is turned off

  8. Invalid argument error in safe file submission

  9. Connection terminated error from cav submit while submitting large size file

  10. Outgoing mails are not scanned

  11. Mass mailer alert for recipients is not displayed

  12. Mass mailer alert is displayed without contents

  13. Save log option is not working

  14. Scan window displays wrong file count

  15. Mapped drives are not scanned in My Computer Scan

  16. Allow/block manager GUI crashes when backspace is pressed

  17. On access disabled message is displayed from the system tray icon even it is ON

  18. CAVS tray icon is not showing tool tip when moved over

  19. Virus in compressed folders are not detected

  20. All selected files added in submit queue message is shown for non existing files


Hi Guys

We really appreciate your feedback to see if this version has any major bugs or not.

Great release.

I disabled CAVS active scanners, enabled the active scanner of NOD32 and everything went fine.
Then just for curiosity wanted to test how my system would react with both CAVS and NOD32 enabled.

Made a little pray, reanabled all features of CAVS and a miracle happened. Both Antiviruses with maximum protection coexist.


well, it looks like the AV dev guys are catching up to the quality of firewall dev guys :slight_smile:

keep going lads!


I’m glad the AV beta doesn’t trigger a BSOD like the firewall. I like the AV. It is very simple to use. Although I’m not a newbie to computer security, I like programs with a simple interface. I also like the fact that you guys have a filesubmitter. It only did work always as it was supposed to in the previous beta. I hope this is solved in this one (I did used it yet). I’m also performing a full system scan. I’ll post later how much time it took to scan the entire system and possible false positives (if there are any).

The only thing I still have to say is:

keep up the good work

I like to try this also but just in case it goes wrong … do I need to reboot in safe mode and remove one of the two AV’s ??? Advice me please (:WIN)

Before trying it remember to deactivate NOD32. AMON is the most important and you must disable also its “automatic startup”. For doing this open NOD32 select AMON->Setup->Security-> uncheck “Enable automatic startup of AMON”.

If it gives you a BSOD after you reenable NOD32, you will need to reboot, enter in safe mode and then:

  1. Open CAVS and disable its active engines or
  2. Uninstall CAVS

THX ! But… what is a BSOD ??? I know you will laugh but seriously i don’t understand it (English is not my mothertongue) :-\

BSOD = Blue Screen of Death
for more info

You’ll know what a BSOD is when you get to see one. After that, you’ll never forget what a BSOD is. You get one if something went wrong in windows (during boot, in windows, …). When you get to see that, windows stops working and you’ll need to reboot. The BSOD itself is a blue screen with a lot of information on it, such as technical info, …

after reading this article : I think I’ll pass for this one … (:SAD)

It’s indeed better if you don’t have a BSOD ;D

I just checked if CAVS2 is compatible with Avast home Edition. (my license of NOD32 will expire in 4-5 months).

All active scanners of both programs are enabled and work fine.

Congrats to the dev team (:CLP) (:CLP)

ps. CAVS2+NOD32 = work fine
CAVS2+Avast home Edition= work even better ;D (no slowdowns of any kind)

curiousity killed the Cat (:SAD) I tried it and guess what … A BLACK screen ! some dll missing and goodbye windows …

This hal.dll isuue is not yet reproduced at our lab. We had put the log creation to find which process is deleting the dlls. Can you pls send/uload the troubleshoot log. You can get the log at %Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\comodo\Comodo AntiVirus\TroubleShootLog\cavasm.log

Thanking you.

Dear Kishor : I really whished I could help you out on this one but… I formatted my HD in an attempt to copy my other HD to it with CasperXp( also invain) … BTW how did you know it was that Hal.dll he asked for?
Here is what happened :
In a first reaction I did copy this hal.dll but after that he asked another dll (I believe it was something like “nto…”) after this I got into a panic and formatted the HD… and now I am in deep trouble : sorry again !!! :-[

Hey Yankee,

It would be an ENORMOUS help to us if you would try the beta of CAVS again.

The “missing HAL.DLL” problem has, so far, only affected about a dozen users. I used to be one of that dozen, but I haven’t had a re-occurence of the problem since upgrading to the latest beta. As Kishor stated, Comodo have not been able to reproduce the problem in their labs and urgently need the “cavasm.log” file from an affected system to find out what is causing this.

Would it be too much trouble to ask you to reinstall CAVS, knowing that it could cause your system to crash again?

Thanks in advance,
Ewen :slight_smile:

But before proceeding check this for making a backup of your C: drive.,5350.0.html

It will help you restore your windows in only 10-20 minutes with all programs,drivers,etc.

I’ll try to do my best this evening when I am home … but why doesn’t my crashed HD except a copy from my other HD ? I couldn’t accomplish it with neither CasperXp OR partition magic …something is holding them back! I find this strange because I formatted this crashed HD and there is nothing left on it ! Maybe I should try it in safe mode ??? Every help is welcome ! (:HUG)