CAV2.0 BETA Planned to be Discontinued by 20th Nov, 2008

Hi Everyone,
As we have already released COMODO Internet Security (CIS), which has Antivirus also to public, today we have released an update notification to CAV2.0 BETA users that they should upgrade to CIS as support to CAV2.0 BETA will be stopped by 20th Nov, 2008, which means CAV2.0 will not be updated for virus signatures database from that day onwards.

So CAV2.0 BETA users are expected to uninstall CAV2.0, re-start the system and then install CIS.

CIS can be downloaded by visiting following link:


Okay, so you’re shutting down CAV and the new product doesn’t support W2K. Where do W2K users go from here? Anything planned or are we saying that W2K is obsolete and we should graduate to an OS far less desirable that won’t work on the hugely available hardware… So I would ask, which do I give up? The OS or the Comodo? In this instance the Comodo is far less desirable. :-TD

So what are us Windows 2000 users supposed to do now that you are abandoning us? I don’t want to hear anything about it’s time to upgrade windows. Some of us have older machines that still do their job but it is not practical to upgrade.

You can switch to avast! which supports older operation systems. Also, AntiVir supports your OS. In my honest opinion these are both better than CAVS 2.0 beta.


So, you aren’t abandoning us, you’re providing a lifeboat from another ship. Great. If I would have wanted another brand of AV, I wouldn’t have bothered with Comodo in the first place. This resolution from a moderator no less.

It has nothing to do with abandonment. It’s all development, Supporting older OS’s is quite “difficult” when supporting new & present going-forward ones that are the most commonly used.

We are sorry but there is no news on W2K Support.


Me being a moderator has nothing to do with this. I’m a plain user, not officially representing Comodo.


As there is a MAJOR bug in CIS wouldn’t it be prudent to remove the 20th November warning from CAV2.0 and extend it’s life so people can go on using this until you fix this 99% CPU bug.

Which of the MAJOR bugs in CIS are you referring to? There are a number of bugs that are major to certain individuals.

You must be talking about this. As you can see, Alot of people have reported it and it is being looked at as we speak.


I too can’t believe you are cutting support for Windows 2000. There are many small business out there that still run this OS and both Avira or Avast do not allow for these types of installations with regard to the licensing agreement.

I can’t understand why you have just dropped support for this older, but still well used and valuable operating system, especially as there was support within your CAM system for AnitVirus. Why is it you can support it with one product but not another?

I have been asking for support for Windows 2000 since the first Betas of CIS 3 and whilst I accept that you may not have been able to build in support for Windows 2000, it has come as a hell of a shock that you are now dropping support completely.

Very unimpressed.

So it looks like us Windows 2000 users are going to be officially abandonded today. We supported you but you no longer support us.

Thanks a lot. >:(

Does it also mean that Anti Virus definitions will no longer be updated?

Still can’t believe you dropped Win 2000

Definition updates stopped 20th, November. Program Updates stopped more then a year ago. Sorry guys.


OK, but thats a real shame. I certinaly wont be recommending any future Comodo products within our University or the others we have operations in throughout Wales.

I have to say you are being unreasonable, as a forum member you must know that CAV2 ceased development long ago, as Comodo made no secret of it not being good enough.

There has to be some limit to what people can expect for no payment surely?

If you badmouth Comodo around your Welsh universities (assuming you have any influence) you will be doing others there a serious disservice and that would be a shame IMHO.

I have to agree with James.

Whatever one thinks of discontinued support for an old OS, I don’t think it’s fair to never again recommend any future Comodo products.


I am part of a small team that look after a large amount of PC based equipment throughout many welsh educational establishments, HE, FE and secondary. The vast majority of these are Windows 2000 machines. Whilst I accept that development moves on, I feel that to drop total support for this OS that will be officially supported by MS until well into 2010 (and then possibly extended again and certainly as self help) giving no prior indication and approximately 3 weeks notice, is in itself unreasonable.

We take security of our systems seriously and it is my job to test and recommend solutions. I was looking at Comodo’s Centrally managed solution as a paid for option but feel now that this is no longer viable (at the moment there is no AV support, but I was lead to believe that this would be included and supported for Win 2000). It is not my intention to “bad mouth” Comodo, I simply cannot recommend their products as they do not appear to listen to their customers. It’s a carrot and donkey situation. If there is no carrot, the donkey will not follow.

Its tough but that life and that just the way it is. We have to move on.

OK, I understand and respect your viewpoint.


Last I read (correct me if I am wrong here), Microsoft had no plans to re-extend support for this aging platform. Support is currently limited, and will cease, whether or not you or any other user choose not to upgrade.