CASG Beta 1, Feedback!

Hello COMODO ASG Team,

I want to personally thank you for this amazing Job.
I like so far the Control Panel, looks very professional and easy to use.

However, I would like to address a couple of things I have noticed:

  1. Once I add a new domain, and the Destination Route is set correctly according to DNS, I get an error saying “WARNING: Unable to deliver mail to postmaster[at] through host”.
    According to our domain DNS, the MX record is, And the port is also correct.
    Reviewing our server logs, we find out that there is an attempt from comodo to deliver an email.
    I guess this email contains the configuration procedure right?
    So, the email is attempted to be send, but it never reaches the end user: postmaster[at]
    Looking at the logs we find that the MAIL FROM tag is blank. And the RCPT TO shows postmaster[at]
    What could be the cause of your mailserver to try to send an email from a “blank email address”?
    I believe thats the reason why we dont get the email at the mailbox.

  2. One question about managing MX records with CASG.
    Lets say at my domain, I have 3 mailbox users. If we manage our domain through your services, but I add only 1 mailbox to be protected by you, what happens to the other 2 mailbox users configured in our mailserver? Just because they are not configured in the CASG system, that means they will not receive ANY emails? Or to add them to the system is just to specify which mailboxes will be protected and the other ones will be just bypassed?

As a feedback… would be nice if we could get the configuration parameters withing the CASG control panel. In this way, when someone for any motive doesnt receive the configuration email, can still work with the configuration without the need to contact you.

Thank you for your asistance.

First of all - thank you for trying CASG.

I’m not sure yet what’s your problem here so lets try to find it out:

After you have registered domain and changed DNS MX record, all messages sent to this domain will pass CASG filters and after that will be delivered to servers you configured in CASG UI - “Domain routes”.
“Add User” procedure is only required to allow added User to see his quarantined messages.

For configuration instruction you also may read Administrative guide here:

If you still don’t receive messages please post your log here and we’ll try to find the problem.

Thank you and feel free to ask questions.

Thank you and your very welcome. :smiley:

Nope, I didnt before because I didnt find any documentation in the help site in order to know what MX records should I use. But thank you for mention them, because I use them as soon as I saw your post. So they are already as MX records in our domain.

Im still having problems not receiving the email to once I add my domain to CASG UI. I am sending you as a private message the logs you have requested.

As for now, I have disabled again the CASG MX records, because if I dont receive the first email after adding the domain, that means I will now receive all further emails that pass through your system. So let me know once you check the logs so you can let me know when I can reestablish your MX records again.

Thanks again.


Could you please check, after registration, you should have an email from the system with detailed information, how to setup the service, including how to change MX record. The email should be sent to mail box used during registation. Please check that mail box and let us know if you can’t find it.

Thank you for your cooperation. Your feedback are very welcome.


Yes, I did receive it when I registered to CASG. I just checked it.
My bad for not knowing that in the same email I would find the MX records.
I am so used to ORDER CONFIRMATION emails from Comodo that I thought it was only a ORDER CONFIRMATION as it stated at the email subject.

Ok, so why when I add a domain I get the error: “WARNING: Unable to deliver mail to postmaster[at] through host

All I do is:
Dashboard → Domains → Add → click on “Check route” → Save.

Does that WARNING, besides letting me know that postmaster didnt receive an email, means that I wont be able to receive the forwarded messages that CASG service will deliver after scan them?

Ok, I examined logs you have sent, and looks like I understand your problem.

That message with “mail FROM:<>” is just a fake message that is sent by our system to check your domain routes.
Our server begins communication with final destination route ( and then disconnects not actually sending email data.

That’s why you don’t see message in inbox. This is normal.
All other real emails passed filters should be delivered successfully.

Strange through that you receive warning “Unable to deliver mail to postmaster[at] through host
Maybe it was some temp problem, please retry adding route. If there is no warning in CASG UI and you see fake message mentioned above in your logs then everything is OK.

Also I see that currently MX for contains three records.
Do not forget to remove both mxsrv servers from destination routes in CASG UI

Note also that first messages may be filtered with some delay because of greylisting.

I tried again, adding the domain and I always get the same warning message:
“Unable to deliver mail to postmaster[at] through host
I just ignored it by now, since the domain its added, but that Warning message makes me a little unconfortable.

All the configuration is done according to your details as well as the email I received when I registered, describes. Apparently all messages are going now through CASG, because when I see the headers of the emails received, they include the MX records from CASG.

But in the UI I cannot see any activity that shows me this filtering action. All statistics show zero in every single way. Do the statistics get updated once a day? Aren they live?

I made some search in the logs too, of some messages I already received but no success.
Is the log search function working in this beta release? I just hope I dont loose emails. :smiley:

There is a known bug in log search that shifts time so the latest log entries are not shown. Sorry.
It is fixed in upcoming release.


Its amazing!!! Its only on the first alpha or beta stage and its working wonderfully!!!
I have tried LOTS of antispam software for servers, also lots of gateways.
But all of them, were always caughting spam for certain countries. Specially for USA, CHINA, etc.
But all spam originated within Latin America was never caughted. So I had to use filters.

With only a few days of using this amazing product, Latin American spam is also being caughted!!!
What amazing job you have done. You people really know your work.
In this is why I trust COMODO. You are way FAAARRRR superior than other providers.


Thank you! AGAIN!


I have noticed that the logs have some delay, as you mentioned.
Its ok, then Ill use it in the next release.

I have already a list of feedback that I want to share with you.
I will keep using this excelent system for a week to collect more feedback and then post them here.

As for now, I only need to ask one question…
Is there any way we can report spam to comodo?
Something like with the antivirus that you can report malware that was not caught by the AV, as well as the availability to report false-positives.

It would be great to have a software or a way to somehow report spam that wasnt caught by the CASG.
Also to report quarenteened messages that are treated like spam, but that might not be spam.

If you dont want to provide a software to report spam, then for example a web interface would be great, such as the one spamcop has. And the false-positives can be reported right from the quarenteen queue.

Nothing of this happened to me yet, but I am just thinking in the future.

Thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile:

It is implemented in upcoming release

It is already there - when you release some message from quarantine it gets reported to training systems

Any preview or info about how its going to work in the upcoming release?

While I do understand the reason of why it is reported the way you are describing, I would suggest to report the false-positive in 2 ways:

  1. Report and Release: Its exactly the way it is right now, when someone release the message from quarantine it will also be reported to training system.
  2. Just Release: Sometimes its only better to release a message from quarantine without being forced to report it as false-positive.This option is a must have.

Thats only my suggestion, as many antispam filtering services provides this 2 methods of releasing a message from quarantine.

Also have 2 questions:

  1. Do you have any “protection” or method against abuse?
    For example, if a user starts reporting spam, as false-positive, causing training system to start allowing some spam due to the abuse of the user.
  2. Will each domain have its own independent training system? Or whatever report to training system submitted by ANY user will affect ALL CASG accounts?


It is file upload dialog accepting messages saved to a file (in .eml format)

Thanks for suggestion, will think about scheduling it to the next versions.

Also have 2 questions:

There is also a manual filter support stage, so it should be intellectually updated.

Great. I think there should be availability to upload also other type of message files, like TXT for example.
Many mailservers handle messages in a TXT friendly format, so there should be also a way to submit the file itself, or at least a way to upload all the code source.

I am just thinking this, because not everybody uses Outlook, so there is no way to have the opportunity to handle an EML file. With TXT friendly message files, we open up the number of people that can report spam. I have a file example if you would like me to send it to you via PM, just let me know.


Well, actually Thunderbird also saves .eml
And .eml is nothing more then plain message source.
The only difference between .eml and .txt here is file name extension :slight_smile:

So how do you prefer to input txt in UI?
Allow to upload any file type or maybe some text field to paste message source into?

Text field to paste message source into, might be a little limited (due to the long source that a message might have).

So allowing the upload of any file type would be great!
That way, doesnt really matter from what client or source the message file is obtained.

Ive noticed that many incoming mail, just go straight to our mailserver, even not through CASG.
Why does this happen? Is very often that your mailservers are not reachable?

We have configured our mailservers with this priorities:
. (10)
. (20)
. (30)

As you can see, our mailserver has the lowest priority.
So that means that whenever the first two mailservers (by comodo) dont respond, then our mailserver will process directly the messages.

We have received some spam that was directly sent through
How can this be avoided?

Hmm… I’m not sure yet how did happen. Let me ask you few questions:
Was it during some specific time period?
Do you still receive it?
Could you please send me source of the received spam message?

Thank you Kirill,

Ive just sent you 3 spam samples that we received directly bypassing CASG.
We keep getting some of them.

I couldnt send you any spam from today or yesterday because I always delete them.
The 3 samples I sent you through PM, are from another mailbox using the same domain.
Actually, you will have 4 PM with the “bypassed spam”. Dont pay attention to the very first one, since it doesnt include the headers. The other 3 PM include their respective headers.

Should I keep posting latest spams that are bypassed?

Thanks, We are investigating.
Yes, please keep posting latest spams

Ok, I will keep posting them as soon as we receive them.

Now what about spam that has been through CASG and were ‘caught-missed’?
Can I report those too via PM, or you have an email where can I attach these files?