Can't wait for CIS Win10 Release ? Check this topic.

Hi Everybody,

As we all are waiting for Comodo Internet Security new hotfix release for Windows 10, we would like to inform you that you are able to use CIS if you already upgraded your OS to Windows 10.

Here are the steps:

All you need to do is a clean install ! :slight_smile:

Uninstall your CIS package ( Free /Paid ) and upgrade your OS. After you finished the upgrade, install CIS latest version

PS: Please kindly note that new hotfix release special for Windows10 will be done in the following days. We will update you once we fix the date.

It is verified by development department that CIS Built supports Windows 10 build 10240 x64/ x32 / x 86 o on clean installation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Kind Regards

Sorry BuketB but the latest cis edition doesnt works on windows 10 pro rtm x64. Atleast thats my case on a secondary machine that I upgrade to windows 10 this morning (its 16:41 now on rio de janeiro/brazil). I formated the HDD, installed windows 7 with my key, follow all steps, upgrade to win 10. all cool. Then I tried to install CIS and it was installed but the cis interface dont shows up when double clicking on it. It doesnt shows up when clicking on the cis shortcut. sad still…

Hello yro,

Let me double check with the development and get back to you.

Kind Regards

Hello again guys,

According to our QA s , it is verified that CIS Built supports Windows 10 build 10240 x64 / x32 / x 86 on clean installation.

For your kind attention please.

Best Regards

Really sorry to hear such a bureaucratic reply. The answer just don’t help as users are experiencing real problems even in performing a clean installation. >:(

Users who really want to install CIS in Windows 10 should try futuretech and LordRayden’s method instead of getting no where in this post

Link to futuretech’s gudie;msg814390#msg814390

Link to LordRayden’s guide;msg814406#msg814406

I can use latest CIS on VMWare 11 VM withour problems in polish version of Win10 b10240 (so called RTM). It was plain clean install from this big EXE file, downloaded from this forum.
Yro, you can’t expect CEO of Comodo to address YOUR problems with (very likely) your system. Support says clearly “CLEAN install of CIS 8.2”.

Just to clarify I presume with Clean Install they would mean before installing any other software and a default clean install of Windows 10.

If you have done this and still have problems, please post in this topic all your system details so they can find why it fails on your computer.

Thank you


Does this effect the Firewall Function too? I mean will Fireall also work on a clean install?

Hi bbnetwork,

After clean install on Win10 , Firewall tool in CIS works well.

Regarding firewall standalone product, you need to delete word “Installer” in CFW installer name and it will launch without errors :slight_smile: Rename it.

Kind Regards

Yes, Firewall works with this trick.

But the cfw_installer installs the complete Premium Suite under Windows 10. I need only Firewall, no Anti Virus. Under Windows 7 or 8 the installer installs only the Comodo Firewall and not the complete Premium Suite.

I hope you can fix this in the future.

Hi Teuto,
Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)

Kind regards.

I understand that BucketB is trying to help us but this just is not the way. On my own test CIS 8.2.latest doesnt works well on win10 fresh install (clean installation).

BucketB, is that any informations about a release date to the updated version that will indeed support windows 10?

one tip for the devs: windows 10 will get a major update next month. so, stay on it to solve any problems that can cames with the service release thats comming.

Your presumption with “clean installation” seems different from the first post in which

[b]"All you need to do is a clean install ! :slight_smile:

Uninstall your CIS package ( Free /Paid ) and upgrade your OS. After you finished the upgrade, install CIS latest version "[/b]

It just mentioned a clean install in CIS instead of the OS.

If a clean install of WIN10 is essential for proper function of CIS, I can understand why MS says CIS is not compatible with WIN10 as most users upgrading OS should have many working softwares installed in their PCs.

So, i can confirm that Comodo CIS / Comodo Firewall is working on Windows 10.

My Problem: I install Kaspersky Anti Virus and after this i install Comodo Firewall. When i make a restart Comodo CIS Display the Firewall is not Working and PC must restart. But the restart will not help.

I uninstall Kaspersky Anti Virus, install Comodo Firewall and after restart Comodo Firewall is working fine. I install Kaspersky Anti Virus and the Comodo Firewall working without Problems.

Windows 10 and Comodo Firewall is working.

FĂĽr deutsche User / For German Users:

Comodo funktioniert mit Windows 10.
Habe Windows 10 kmplett von DVD neu installiert nach dem Upgrade von Windows 8 zu Windows 10. Zuerst Kaspersky Anti Virus installiert, danach Comodo Das fĂĽhrt scheinbar zu einem Fehler in der Comodo Firwewall, egal wie oft man Neustartet, CIS meldet einen Firewall Fehler und die Firewsll arbeitet nicht.
Man sollte erst Comodo installieren, neustart, die Firewall arbeitet ohne Probleme. Danach dann Anti Virus und alles Gut, keine Probleme nach dem Neustart.

Comodo funktioniert mit Windows 10.

on the other hand I can confirm its not working on windows 10 clean install.

amd apu a4-7300
8gb ram ddr3 1600
asus A55BM-E/BR

windows 10 pro x64 official iso

cis installed on a fresh win10 installation.

cis is not working proper. main gui cis doesnt shows up no matter what I do.

Please note it has been reported that the major update may be as early as next week.

Thank you


I want to report that CIS protection is not as effective on windows 10 x64 as it is on earlier versions of windows 64-bit as it fails many of matousec’s proactive security challenge 64 tests. e.g. cis doesn’t detect/prevent direct keyboard and screen access, clipboard access, access to any COM interfaces, accessing the DNS/RPC client service, certain techniques of DLL injection, installation of global Windows or WinEvent hooks, sending Window Messages, and script execution via script interpreters.

Are you testing hips or Sandbox?

I haven’t tested the tests but I’ve gotten hips alerts for keyboard access and com interfaces during normal usage.

Just the HIPS I used the default proactive config. Only time I received alerts was for modifying protected files/folders, the registry, inter-process communication, image execution, and direct disk access.

Strange, I used Win 8.1 Pro with latest CIS installed, then upgraded to Win 10 - no clean install, no reset. To be honest I expected some major problems and planned to uninstall CIS before the upgrade process and install it again after that , but just forgot to do it. Yet everything seems to work fine now. Is the uninstalling/installing of CIS really necessary ?

The only thing I noticed is that my custom firewall rules were gone, but the firewall is working fine now and is again asking and creating rules for each executable that requests Internet access. The Antivirus and HIPS also work without problem.