Can't setup Comodo CIS Firewall to work properly with Tixati


I tried to setup Tixati (a torrent client similar to Utorrent) to work with CIS firewall using the guide provided here:

since there is no particular section(configuration example) for the Tixati app on that tutorial , I wend ahead and created both global rues described on that webpage one for Emule and the another one for Utorrent.

I then tried to work with Tixati with both profiles and neither enabled me any connection,
I ended up setting Tixati on CIS as an “Allowed application” and then suddenly everything started working fine and I could connect and share on Tixati.

I’m wondering if this is dangerous, working with Tiaxti as ’ Allowed application’, I assume it is as it renders me vulnerable and yet I dont understand what am I doing wrong in setting it up with CIS, can anyone help me out please?


  • Finn

I would expect the rules described in the tutorial to work. Are you sure you followed the tutorial and filled in the proper ports in the rule for Tixati? Like all other p2p programs it needs two ports open for incoming traffic; one TCP port and one UDP port.