Can't install. Why?

When I’m run CFP_Setup_3.0.23.364_XP_Vista_x32.exe got message:

The installed Operation System is not supported by COMODO Firewall Pro. Aborting Installation.

My system: ASUS F5RL, Core 2 Duo T5259 @ 1.5 GHz, 1GB RAM

WinXP Pro v.2002 SP3 Eng.

Do you have 32 or 64 bit? Why did you make a poll?

Hi OnAlex, welcome to the forums.

CFP has been superseded by CFP I suggest you try that one first, you’d need to upgrade anyway if had installed.

32 bit.

Same effect. Same balls. :frowning:

what version do you want to install ? Also SP3 isn’t officially supported yet I think :), but with most users it runs fines.


Correct me if I’m wrong but XP SP3 has been officially released and came out of beta 2 or 3 weeks ago.
No problem here with CFP (latest version) and XP Pro SP3. All went smoothly. :slight_smile:

I’ve not heard of this problem before. What other security applications do you have installed? Not that I really suspect a conflict… usually that message means exactly what it says it does.

BTW can you confirm that CFP said “…Operation System”, rather than “…Operating System” or was that a just a typo? :slight_smile:

Everybody stop blaming SP3. There is nothing wrong with it. Its obviously something wrong with his pc. There is nothing with the Comodo installer? Does he have full permission of an Administrator?

Yes, of course - he say “operating”, not “operation”. Typo. :frowning:

I have installed only antivirus DrWeb 4.44. Native Windows firewall - off.
Have full permition.
Try three version of CPF -

Anything in the Windows Event logs?

Potentially silly, I know, but can you try the x64 version. It should generate that same message… unless someone’s been sneaking in & upgrading your OS when you’re out/asleep. ;D

I got comodo v3 installed but it kept prompting me for a disk. What do I do? Where is the link at this forem to download it?

What disk? Your OS has some serious errors. There is no disk for Comodo. Can you post a screen shot.

to Vettetech:

About disk (?!) - it’s not mine. Its - Quest’s.

My OS is fine. :smiley: Whats wrong? Whats may be wrong?

Screen shots in attachs.

In Events log - silly.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Are you sure your installing the right version for your OS. 32 or 64 bit?

Yes, shure.


Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

So you are sure you have XP 32 bit correct? There is no reason Comodo shouldn’t install. I just installed it on my buddies laptop last night with the same installer your using.

I think no reason Comodo shouldn’t install too, but…

Please try uninstalling Comodo firewall completely using thsi tutorial: . I had good experiences with it (I didn’t delete the legacy registry keys though).

Eric…the problem is he cant INSTALL. How can he uninstall Comodo if he cant even install it. Please read the thread closely.