Can't disable auto-containment on Trusted applications

As the title says. For example, I’m using a video editor, and Container asked me to allow a script run by it, but now whenever I try to save the output the file keeps winding up in VTRoot instead of where I want it to. The application isn’t blocked or anything either.
Any way I can make it stop doing that short of disabling Auto-Containment entirely?

Add the video editor application and the script file to the File List and set File Rating of both to Trusted perhaps?

Added them manually and, nope, still saved the output in that folder.

Reset the Container (check if VTRoot directory is deleted from the file system) then try again and check if something gets trapped by containment again in VTRoot (should not since you set app and script to Trusted).

I already resetted the Container and checked before trying this. Still recreated VTRoot.

After trying, if you check VTRoot with windows explorer what’s inside it?
Also are there any tasks or processes running in the Container?

It created both the output file and a .bin to \Users[username]\AppData\Local\AMD\DxCache. All inside VTRoot, of course.

Also I watched the Container processes window the whole time and nothing showed up in it.

Could it be that your AMD graphics driver or related stuff is running Untrusted which may be causing this output habit?

Not sure, but I tried again after disabling Auto-Containment and while I had to click “Consent” a few more times, it finally saved the file in the proper folder. Then I tried after re-enabling it and it saved to VTRoot again.

Then again, Comodo has blocked AMD update applications for me before. Though I don’t know if it’s relevant.

It seems that the output file is outputted by the untrusted AMD graphics driver then as a result the output file ends up in VTRoot.
I would say check all AMD graphics driver files File Rating settings and set them to Trusted (if they are not already).

Tried manually adding all the AMD folders I could find. Still didn’t work.

Nothing listed or shows up in the “BLOCKED APPLICATIONS” list?

Nothing, since the very beginning. So far, the only solution seems to be just temporarily disabling Auto-Containment.

Are there perhaps any auto-containment rules added related to AMD or your video editor app?

This is all (sorry about the Italian, it didn’t switch when I changed the language setting).

Seems nothing there that could cause the issue.

If you output a file again can you then intercept the script file and paste its content here?
Maybe the script file reveals what is going on.

EDIt: Also when a new file is output does the script filename change with every new file output?

As far as I could see, the video editor I’m using runs a FFmpeg library and this background exporter application (attached).

And no, it doesn’t AFAIK.

Actually, new development. I tried running a Steam game and that one also got auto-contained without showing up in Blocked Applications. Somehow it seems like Container simply won’t allow me to unblock applications.

You reinstalled CIS lately. Did you import a (old) config file after the reinstall or did you start with new fresh config settings?

I picked the “I’m going to reinstall” option, though some settings did switch back to default. But I only changed things like the theme, or switching off firewall animations and sound notifications.