Cannot uninstall Comodo Free Firewall v. 12, even in Safe Mode plus Networking, nor with Uninstaller Tool

I have Comodo Free Firewall v. with its antivirus disabled.
Currently Comodo Firewall is also disabled and instead Windows Firewall is active.
The operating system is Windows 8.1.
Avast antivirus is active on the system but I disabled it when attempting to uninstall Comodo.

I want to update / upgrade, to the latest version of Comodo Free Firewall. I wish to do this because applying updates does not work well - In the past I found applying them destabilized the application…

I cannot uninstall from Windows in normal mode - The uninstaller quits without any error message.

I also cannot uninstall using the Comodo uninstaller “cispro_installer.exe”, because it quits after accepting the conditions and clicking to continue.
In both cases the Program Manager does not show any uninstaller working.

I have also tried both of the above, in “Safe Mode with Networking”:
In this mode the Windows uninstaller displayed an error message stating that the Windows installer Service could not be started.

Also in this mode, the Comodo uninstaller Tool quits in the same manner as in Windows normal mode.

Also in this mode, the Comodo Free Firewall installer stated that:
Firstly the current installation of Comodo should be “manually” uninstalled.

I simply wish to do a clean uninstall of Comodo Free Firewall, so that I can then install the latest version.

I hope to hear with a solution please.


I carried out an Avast “Boot-Time Scan”, with updated “Boot-Time Scan Definitions”, and set to: “High sensitivity”, “scan for Tools”, and “Unpack archive files”.
It did not find any threats.

Hello. @Robert111

Try using this program to uninstall. Baixe o Revo Uninstaller Freeware – Download Grátis e Completo

When the result comes out, come here and post whether you got it or not.


Try using the older Comodo Cleanup Tool. Links below.



Thanks “EricCryptid”. However, I get no response when clicking either of the links.
By comparison, the link in the post from “New_Style_xd” does work.
(I’ve added an Update to my original post.)

Thanks “New_Style_xd”.
Revo Uninstaller is an excellent program.
What I am looking for at this time is a Comodo solution if there is one, that clears the old installation in a proper and successful manner,.
While Revo may also be a good solution, I would first prefer to try a solution recommended by Comodo.

I understood. I hope the convenient tool works.
I wouldn’t waste time, I would try another tool.
Using the tool, I would continue my life peacefully.
In any case, we are here to help you.

It should automatically begin download of the cleanup tool.

See this topic:

I want to thank all those who replied here. I now have successfully uninstalled the previous Comodo and installed the latest version.

I used the 64bit version link in “EricCryptid’s” first post to download an older Comodo Clean Tool compatible with my out-of-date installation of Comodo (with which the latest Comodo Clean Tool was not compatible).
I ran the Clean Tool in Safe mode.

The links in “EricCryptid’s” first post did not produce any download, but when I copied the link I needed into the web browser address bar, this did produce the download.

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