Cannot install new version of comodo firewall

I was a happy user of comodo 3.X and decided to ugrade after getting the notification.

The upgrade first wipes the 3.14 off the system then wont let me install the 4.0 giving me the following error during install

“Comodo firewall setup wizard ended prematurely because of an error. Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, run set up wizard again”

Then a pop up button with the following

“cannot install COMODO firewall
Error: 1603. Fatal error during installation
Would you like to try again YES or NO”

Any ideas?

Is it possible to reinstall 3.X from somewhere?

System is WinXP SP3

I apologize for piggybacking on this post, but I have exactly the same problem. After the upgrade would not install I realized I was without firewall protection; so I did a System Restore to yesterday. When the system rebooted from SR a popup said an update was available for Comodo Firewall, and I clicked to d/l, but an error came back saying I didn’t have an internet connection - not true, 2nd and 3rd attempts same result. My problem right now is I’m not sure how viable Comodo Firewall currently is? My OS is WinXP SP3.
Thank you,

Because it left me without a firewall I had to end up downloading another free one which downloaded no problem.

I was happy with comodo but I guess the new version just wont work with XP SP3

I should aso add its very silly to remove the working version before you know the new version will work.

You have no option to switch back to the older/working version.

Here is another piggyback - - I have exactly the same problem as described by dwater. Hopefully some Engineer from COMODO will review these posts and determine there is a problem and begin work on a solution.

please run this to remove all old entries of comodo 3.14 and retry again.

Awsome… you linked to a website which is throwing out all kinds of pop ups and malware

Does anyone know how you download the file from 2 shared, i tried every button but it was one big circle ■■■■

go to the bottom of the first message, you will see it is attached there.

From what I have read comodo has known about thsi problem for quite a while yet has done nothing to correct in their installer program?

And why would you have a download linked to some third party download website with all kinds of pop-ups

Doesn’t come accross as very professional which kind of worries me.

did you notice that it is not my link.

I really like Comodo and the same thing happened to me.

I am disappointed that the community here is not a little friendlier and helpful, I’ll try that clean-up but if that doesn’t work I am disappointed to say I will switch to another firewall and be unable to recommend any Comodo products in the future.

which one did you use now?

I’m in the same boat–same OS; same error message…I’ve tried several times, & tried the cleanup tool, too; that didn’t help, either…I’ve spent several hours trying…I give up. I left Zone Alarm behind, when there was a problem right after the XP SP3 installation…have been happy with Comodo, since then, until tonite. What did you switch to?

I tried this, & used your link that says “fixed 4.1 installer”…I’m still getting the same error message as described by dwater. What next? Any ideas?

Same here.

Also XP SP3, same errors:

So what do we do now?

The old version is gone and the new version can’t be installed.

I did just give the ZoneAlarm firewall a try but didn’t like it, it just didn’t allow me to control things like the Comodo one does, so I uninstalled it again.
I’ve been happy with the Comodo one and would like to be able to use it again.

Sorry-don’t know how to create my own message-just registered but I too have the same problem.
I was happy with Comodo for years but alas today my old version is gone and can’t install the new one.
Same message as everyone else. Why can’t they just give us the old version back until they get the new one fixed?

They need take no action.
You can get all old versions from


Same happened to me.

Old version deleted, unable to install new version.

Also on XP SP3.

I’ve been very happy with Comodo CIS and used it for years (and have recommended it to others), so I’m surprised that they would roll out a product that would leave your PC defenceless without a firewall, anti-virus etc…

I’ll try some of the suggestions on this board, but if unsuccessful will use another firewall.

Thanks Alan

Successfully installed Comodo version 3 from filehippo and it seems to be running OK.
Feel a lot happier with a firewall and antivirus back on my PC, however I’ll be be very wary of downloading future version upgrades from Comodo!

Went to and downloaded the old version of Comodo Internet Security. Downloaded fine and hopefully is working fine. WILL NEVER TRY TO UPDATE AGAIN UNTIL I LOOKED AT THE FORUMS. It is really irresponsible of Comodo to deinstall an older verions before assuring that a new version will work under all circumstances.