Can run VK from tasks w/o installations, but not from main GUI [M274] [v6]

I do not know if I’ve written here?
Not run a virtual kiosk.
Says it is not installed Silverlight and Comodo Dragon??? But I have Silverlight and portable Ice Dragon and have IE9 not portable?
What’s the problem? so decided to go vers 6 but immediately issue problems?
This is all happening with the main window. But when the transition-tasks- works there. Why?

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You must have Comodo Dragon and Silverlight installed for Comodo to say you have met the requirements to run Virtual Kiosk. You can run virtual kiosk and use other web browsers in the Virtual Kiosk.
Are you trying to launch the Virtual Kiosk form the Security Widget or from the main interface.
Attached is a picture of the main interface under sandbox tasks.

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This is all happening with the main window. But when the transition-tasks- works there. Why?
Everything works. But not with their bottom-iterfeysa

But when the transition-tasks work/What are transition tasks?

Name the tasks that are working. is the only task that doesn’t work the virtual kiosk or?

Yes. This to works. The fact that you have shown. But with the main window does not start.

Moment. I give foto.

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I cannot speak Russian. But from what i am seeing it is asking you to install Silverlight and Comodo dragon which you must say yes and install both of these. Then the Virtual Kiosk will run and you can can run other browsers in the Virtual Kiosk once these are installed.

DrHaze Hi!
The thing is that everything is set up. But from the window does not work kiosk.( I showed)
And the fact that you have shown, works there. See the first post.

Just clik yes to to this prompt. and they will install the missing components.
Then try Virtual kiosk from the main screen.

Why do I need to install them if the other tabs work? Not clear.
And why would I Comodo Dragon? So not finalized?

Thank your. I’m back CIS 5.10

Silverlight is required for Tablet Mode in the Kiosk, and Dragon is recommended by the developers for secure browsing.

If you choose not to install these, you can still use the Kiosk in Classic Mode.

Dr. Heffed Hi!
Again, I explain. Does not work with the main window and need installation.
From another window, it works. See the photos. I do not understand why does not work in the main window?

DrHaze Hi!
Looked instructions. It runs in the second tab. (It says in the manual).
I understand.
Why then the button on the first tab? For those who do not understand and will install Silverlight and Comodo Dragon? ???

OK. So summing up, there is an inconsistency

  • Sandbox tasks ~ Run Virtual Kiosk does not ask for Silverlight and Dragon installation
  • Main GUI ~ Virtual Kiosk does

Is that right?

Dr.Mouse1 Hi!
Yes it is. :-TU
The main window of CIS requires the installation of components. (My foto).
Another window - no need and works without problems.(DrHaze foto). -Sandbox tasks-

Do you feel up to doing a bug report Jenny - I realise English is not tyour first language.

Possibly Dr Haze will do it for you if you ask him.

Anyway standard request post below:

Thank you very much for your issue report.

We would very much appreciate it if you would be kind enough to edit your report to put it in the standard format and add any additional information requested, as this will make it much easier for the developers to diagnose and fix the problem.

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Many thanks again


Dr. Mouse Hi!
Yes, English is a bit problematic for me. :embarassed:
If DrHaze be so kind to make a bug report.
I am grateful to DrHaze. And so I think the problem is clear.
Thank you for understanding. Good luck to you.

just click yes to the install please.what you are experiencing is the ability to run kiosk in classic mode without dragon and silverlight which i played around with in the early beta days. To be fully supported you will have to install Comodo dragon and silver light. Comodo dragon is finished and is a great working product.
Depending upon where you click in Comodo you will launch virtual kiosk in classic mode or tablet/fully featured mode. There is no bug I am familiar with this behavior.

Hi DrHaze

The bug is hidden by the change of page it is:

Dr.Haze Hi!
Thanks for the reply. I use IE9 and Ice Dragon portable.
Sandbox tasks- all works.