Can anyone recomend me a good free videoplayer like Mplayer or Vlc?

For months I struggle to make VLC or Mplayer play smooth a 60 Fps video but in van. Don’t know why Vlc can’t play a 60 fps, its sad. The only video player that actually works is … surprise windows media player 12, with WMP 12 I can play smooth a 60 fps, but again I miss the setting and control of Mplayer, Smplayer or VLC. Can anyone help me in this direction with an advice? Thank you.

I’m curious why you feel you need 60fps when watching a video…

Have you tried SMPlayer2 + MPlayer2?

You can download MPlayer2 from here:
And SMPlayer2 from here:

Or both in a bundle here:
Warning: This is a direct download link for the installer of SMPlayer2+MPlayer2 -

Well is not like I need, is just sometime some video are at 60fps, and what can I do f I want to see them?

Thanks I will see.

If you have reasonable hardware, I’d recommend Smooth Video Project

Thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile:

You can try Daum Pot Player. This is a fast and omnivorous media player: .

Nice! Thank you :slight_smile:

I use Zoom player free, never had a problem with it.

It also installs \ updates codecs, so no need for codec packs.

Ok sounds good. Thank you :slight_smile:

Pot player - as recommended by Eric - is very good, I was using that until I found SVP, mentioned above. If you’re interested, you can find some useful configuration settings for Pot Player at:

Thanks Pot player seems very good, but man it’s painful to configure that player when you open the config menu, to many config option LOL.

Pot Player + SVP = end thread. :slight_smile:

:smiley: Funny
Ok you right with your suggestions, I’m able to make a decision in this direction!
Thank you all for your kindness to reply to my quest!

Regards RealNature,

Well after 4 days of testing Daum Pot Player is my winner. An excellent player :-TU Thank you EricJH

I just got to know that the continuation of MPlayer 2 is called mpv (I had no idea about this until now) thought I’d mention it here for those who like me loved MPlayer 2. Sadly mpv doesn’t have a frontend like SMPlayer 2 (at least yet) however I still find it awesome.

…oops, didn’t notice the last post was from April… perhaps I shouldn’t have posted this… It feels like the last post was like a week ago… I need to get a grip of time. :-\

GOM Player is excellent - never found a video file it could not play accurately.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you for that. The only thing that interest me, is this player capable of playing a 60fps video smooth?

Thx SanyaIV, well good to know this, Smplayer was indeed my favorite player, till I try a 60 fps video, and then I had a second thought. If you can play a 60 fps video on mpv, then the next generation of smplayer sounds promising. Again thx for the info