Can anyone recomend me a good free videoplayer like Mplayer or Vlc?

Do you have a sample? Or can you point me at one and I’ll test it for you.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Edit : Found a 48fps one at Downloading now. I’ll post results back shortly.

Also found a short 60fps one at

Both the 48fps and the 60fps clips played flawlessly, or at least as far as I could see. No skipping, no misalgnment of video/audio, no artefacts - just very, very smooth playback.

As a test, I also played them in the Daum PotPlayer that EricJH posted about. If anything, it appeared, to my naked eye, to be even better than GOMPlayer. Also just found PotPlayer flawlessly plays TRP and 00X files from my PVR!!!

Thanks Eric, I think I’m about to change players. :-TU

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yeii :slight_smile: PotPlayer is brilliant, if you wont you can activate Play from last point(like smplayer), and you will continue the movie/video next time from where you left it, for me at least is very useful :-TU :■■■■

I just tried the 60fps video panic linked in mpv and it seemed to have some minor stuttering. (it would be nice with a sample a bit longer)

Edit: Tried the 48fps The Hobbit trailer and it played smoothly although quite low res 88)

Good to know that, but if you ever decide to try PotPlayer believe me you will not regret :-TU

vlc is good and real player is also good.

Thank for your suggestion, I have not tried Real player. But Vlc was not able to play smooth a 60fps video. The only 2 video players that actually have played well was PotPlayer, and surprising Windows Media player. But so far PotPlayer is the perfect video player.

I wish PotPlayer wouldn’t add rules to Windows Firewall, it’s a no go in my book.
Also, the absence of an English site doesn’t inspire confidence or ease of use, along with the GPL violation suspicions and the many registry keys it installs.
… anyway, small details.

I didn’t know that but hey since is listed on Softpedia is good enough for me.
As for windows firewall…I use CIS and as always I block this attempt. :110:

VP8, 1920×1080, 50 fps:
(Source: Video was put in a WebM-container without recoding.)

Plays smoothly in VLC.

Nice to hear this, is good to see VLC is back on the track.

If Smplayer would work the same as VLC and PotPlayer. I loved VLC but Smplayer was the best and easy to use video player I ever used.