just got home from school and had another BSOD but i have a log of it this time .dmp file. So where should i put the log? in here or what?

You can upload in this thread. When posting, click on the Additional Options… at the bottom left then click on the Choose… button and so forth

Best to attach it as a zip because the forum system doesn’t allow most other formats

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kinda got a noob question… how do i change it from .dmp to a .zip?

Right-click the file, select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. Follow the prompts. It will duplicate that file inside a little folder icon w/zipper on it. Then you can attached to the forum.


nevermind nevermind!!( thanks for the quick response about how to change it to a zip file Little Mac) i got it figured out here is the attachment… thanks for the quick responses :slight_smile:

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Sure. Shall I delete our irrelevant posts? :slight_smile:

if you want to go ahead :slight_smile:

That’s not irrelevant. This might help new users with similar problems should they not know how to convert it to a zip or a rar file. :THNK

Okay, Soya’s convinced me! I spent 30 seconds typing about the time it would take for me to delete the posts, time that can never be recovered, and he goes and says something like that. Some people are just too smart. :wink:


If I can’t be a Hero, I try to be a Savior for the wee ones. :BNC

Ok, here is an extract of the beginning contents of the mini dump file when viewed with Notepad2. Let me tell you something: the ending part isn’t that much different :P. What does this mean to me? Nil. Obviously, I’ll leave this to the experts with the proper programs to decipher.

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I could call eMachine support (my comp maker) and maybe talk to them and see what they have to say?

Expect no less than,

“Do you have your Windows CD?”
“There’s your answer.”

Good o reformat for ya (:WIN)

Is that really what they’ll do?? I will not do a complete reinstallment of windows again i’ll switch to linux before that :stuck_out_tongue:

Just joking. Give 'em a call and see what happens.

Actually i’m thinking about doing their “online chat” support not the hassle with the phone. Anywho i’ll post in here anything that they might say. thanks again for everyones help

Well… Technical Support is saying it could be due to a Virus/spyware infection… But i’m running Avast 4.7 Home Edition, Super Anti Spyware, Spybot Search & Destroy, Spyware Blaster, AVG anti rootkit, and BOClean along with Comodo firewall. I have absolutely no clue what to do now.

Figures. Computer manufacturers have limited support when it comes things like this because they’re usually not responsible for what the computer owner does to it afterwards (after an extended period of time) I guess.

Someone other me downloaded your minidump file, so maybe there’s hope that someone is technical enough to help find the culprit?

Oh wow. Wanna know the worst part? They’re trying to sell me their “sofwtare package” that they have created hahahahaha. yeah right.

methinks you have to have some SDK tools or somesuch to compile the .dmp file; simply looking at it in text is not going to help “interpret.” I could be wrong, though.

I think you should try Linux. After all, you’ve already got the ninja penguin… :wink:

Software package, LOL; that’s very nice of them!


I tried linux Ubuntu 6.06 still have it installed on a different Hard drive but i cant pull my self together to use it. I think and it’s just my opinion but it seems so limited. I mean I only play games on my windoz comp and maybe surf the web a little but thats bout all. But who knows i might be switching to the linux HD soon anyways :stuck_out_tongue: Future Advice to everyone: Do NOT buy eMachines