For the past couple days when i put my computer on standby for 30 minutes+ i get a BSOD i come back to my comp and bam BSOD right there i havent made any changes to my hardware/software for awhile either… and i couldnt get a screenshot or anything from the BSOD cause the comp reboots after about 3 seconds of showing the BSOD. I know there isnt alot of info here but any attempt at helping is appreciated.

OS: Windows MCE XP 512 MB RAM Pentium 4 3.06 GHz. And the list of my secuirty software (Comodo firewall, BOClean, Spyware Blaster, Super Anti Spyware, Spybot Search and Destroy, AVG Anti rootkit and Avast 4.7 Home Edition)

Edit: Isnt there a file stored on my comp that saves the info from BSOD’s?

Yes I think so:

Can’t you just try a System Restore?

Failing that, try booting into Safe Mode and uninstall major programs one-by-one (process of elimination) to narrow down the culprit(s)

Isn’t this a bad twist of fate that a few days ago you didn’t experience a BSOD, but posted in a thread that another member had one?

Maybe you two have something in common that might help root out the problem.

Well that would really be my last resort since i just did a complete system restore 3 months ago. Thanks though. Also i looked in C:\windows\minidump\ and it was empty :frowning:

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled all of my secuirty software in safe mode. Another thing this dosent happen every time i put my computer on standby… and also when i put it on Hibernate overnight i dotn get a BSOD. And this happend a few days after firefox updated

I think Windows is configured by default not to create minidumps. Follow the instructions in the link at the bottom of the first post to change that setting into creating them, then wait for the next BSOD and the minidump should be there.

What do you mean with “system restore”, restoring from a disc image or something? I mean the Windows feature for short-term fallbacks (at Control Panel > Admin. Tools, I think), it’s less than a minute to use, I do so all the time.

Quite the opposite, actually. At least for XP Pro.

What programs were running when it happened if you recall?

Only programs that should’ve been running were Comodo firewall and BOClean and my Anti virus (avast 4.7 home edition) And whatever windows does while im not looking :stuck_out_tongue:


I use the system restore ( the one that takes you back days,weeks, etc). But the one i did 3 months ago was a complete reinstall XP restore.

Let’s cap some highlights, shall we?

But if it was firefox wouldnt this of happend sooner?

Do you have any extensions with auto-updating features? Since Firefox wasn’t running, then that question is irrelevant. We need to dig deeper. Where’s my Sherlock hat when I need it?

yes i do. I have Noscript and Adblock plus and also Refcontrol. Actually… Adblock updated it’s self about a day or so before this began… And then again today.

Edit: Like you said i guess this dosent matter since firefox was not running.

If there’s no minidump file, how about the Event Viewer? (start > run > eventvwr)

Looking in event viewer and i cant find anything relevant to the BSOD

Here’s a plan: why don’t you set the minidump file as directed in that other thread, so that if the BSOD returns, it’ll generate a minidump? Make sure you fulfill all the requirements first.

mmm,i’m not a techie,can’t do anything to help you, let me say (:WAV)hi fellow BSODer (:TNG)

lol It’s this darn crappy computer eMachines who was bought out by Gateway who was bought out by Acer. (:LGH) Also i’ve set it up to save the BSOD file @ Soya Lv. 4. And Hello to the other BSODer too :slight_smile:

So it was already set to save the BSOD file? Now I’m running out of straws to pick for you :-\

Yup already set to save them yet the file was empty… And also not sure if i did but when i saw the BSOD i think (only think) i might of read something about “kernel” not 100% sure though. And Thanks to everyone that has helped me with this. All your help is appreciated very much (:CLP)

Did you try with Windows’ System Restore then? Unless there’s malware present or it’s a hardware problem, it should work 100 per cent of the times as far as I know.