browser hijack

Hi, recently my browsers acting weird . when i type a random .com (for ex : or etc… ) website and hit enter, it just always redirecting me to “hao123_上网从这里开始” .
iam tried on every web browsers like IE , fire fox , chrome all are redirecting me to .

I checked the programs which is related to hao123 toolbar or other software . but i dint find any suspected programs related to hao123 . I already did a complete scan with Comodo Internet Security and it tells me system is clean. but the redirecting problem still existed .

I tried to reset all browsers still no use. previously i also scanned with AVG, Microsoft Essentials , hitman pro , malware bytes these gives me solution .I also check for entries for hao123 in the registry , and i found nothing related to . also cleaned registry with cc cleaner it all looking clean but this problem gives me big headache and iam afraid about to use my confidential(like online bank transactions) things in this pc . at last i tried to block all cookies and javascript , image from that website (i dont know what todo). so please help me to get rid of this virus/malware . screen shot also added .

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Be more careful with options when installing games, etc. Somebody said “yes” to this one.

Anyway, here’s some good removal advice:

You could just reset Chrome. I believe that Avast has a removal tool for this kind of thing. In the future use a sandboxed browser to make any changes temporary. If the CIS sandbox is not workable for you then try Sandboxie. Both have free options. Good luck. :slight_smile:

I have tried everything until I remove the “Chrome” or “IE” shortcut on the taskbar, you will be okay.

still no use , i have tried using reset whole browsers and avast browser cleaner :frowning: . what to do ?? :frowning:

Does How to Clean An Infected Computer bring you further?