Bring back the features of the tray icon (POLL added)

In all versions of CIS previous to V 6, by right clicking the tray icon you can easily and quickly change the security level of CIS components. It is no more possible in V 6, to do that you have to go through the GUI which requires more clicks and time. Worst, the HIPS component is not even present in the features of the tray icon.

Personally, and as I’ve seen through the posts other users as well, I’d like to see these features restored in V 6.

+1 :-TU
Right click on tray icon is very limited atm Enable/Disable please bring back the different levels.
I’m sure usability will be improve with upcoming ver(s).

This is one of the old functions, along with a couple more that i require before i change to CIS 6


would prefer it to look like the old, don’t like the new one at all and probably go to another av

is there any download links for an ofline installer of v5?

dont like the look of v6 at all

Hi shanky887614, older versions found in the link below.
Filehorse CIS

+100000 :-TU

I really love this… NICE

  1. Antivirus Security: Enabled-Disabled
    2)Firewall Security Level: Block All-Custom Ruleset-Safe Mode-Training Mode-Disabled
    3)Hips Security Level: Paranoid Mode-Safe Mode-Clean PC Mode-Training Mode- Disabled
    4)Behavior Blocker Security Level: Fully Virtualized-Partially Limited-Limited-Restricted-Untrusted-Blocked-Disabled



:-TU +1

Agree +1

Yep. So do I.

Voted yes.

This is a must-have… or … er… must return.

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+1024 :slight_smile:

Voted yes.

You have my vote :slight_smile:

And my axe!