BOClean to be discontinued ?

Hi lads.

Just to inform you :

About 1 - 2 weeks ago I was talking with Ewen ( Moderator Panic ) about rewriting the BOClean FAQ, when Melih told Ewen that when (not if) BOClean is integrated into CIS, BOClean will be discontinued as a standalone product. Melih confirmed that by telling me that it will be in CIS and there is no point in having two seperate products. Ofcourse that is a typical manufacturers point of view, and not in the interest of a lot of users, and in my response to Melih I tried to explain him that. I also asked Melih if Kevin is aware of this situation, because that was defenately not what Kevin told me about 3 weeks ago. But I never got an answer from Melih. So now I am going to email Kev about it :-\

Greetz, Red.

I agree with m00nbl00d on this. A standalone BOClean would still be useful for those who already have an antivirus solution they wish to keep.

Also, does this mean that now CMF has been integrated into CIS, that it will be discontinued as a standalone product as well? Or will the current version still be available?

The current version of the standalone CMF has a couple of bugs in it which prevented me from using it previously (driver not active etc - the various solutions did not work for me).

Anyway, if BOClean is discontinued as standalone, it won’t affect me, since I’m not planning on getting rid of CIS anytime soon! :comodorocks:

so far our intention is, once integrated into CAV, we will discontinue BOclean.


Does this mean that it will be made unavailable, or that the current version (4.27) will still be available without future development?

“Future developments” would also mean signature updates, which would quickly render an unsupported BOClean redundant in the face of malware released but whose signature is not included in the signature base.

Unfortunate, but time marches onwards, regardless of how much we want it to stand still.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thats just rotten! As a paid customer I think it should stay on. I use a different Kaspersky AV and wont go to CAV. (:SAD)

Unfortunately, your commercial relationship was with the company that originally released BOClean. When Comodo bought out that company they did not inherit the commercial relationships. That relationship was, sadly, with a company, not with a piece of software.

Comodo have decided that integrating BOClean into CIS is the best way to deliver the outstanding realtime protection BOClean provides. This is most likely due to a “bigger picture” in how all of their software will evolve and, at the moment, it’s a “bigger picture” that you or I are yet to see.

It’s sad to see a well loved piece of software (sort of) die, but things change, and not always the wya we want.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I thought that part of the deal with Kevin and Comodo was that BoClean would still exist and developed as a separate product ?


Regarding CMF I presume you have not seen This yet.

The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.

huh ??? the link works just fine here ???;msg249423#msg249423

For moderators only? I cannot find Memory Firewall at all. ???

Works if I log out. ???

How many users COMODO lost with attitudes like this?

I don’t think its a attitude thing…

Comodo probably sees that BOclean could evolve and become much stronger if integrated to CIS, where it could take use of D+ functionality and such. BOclean is a great soft thou, and I can see that some might find this frustrating… :-\ :-\

this stands at the page some of you cant view (could not quote correctly sorry…) by 3xist:

Hey Guys…

The Comodo Memory Firewall(Buffer Overflow Protection) Board is now closed, Since now Comodo Memory Firewall is part of Comodo Firewall, specifically Defense+ Module, known as Comodo Internet Security. (
The new Comodo Internet Security Board ( includes the following relevant boards for your convenience:

Related Boards:

* Firewall Help (
* Firewall Frequently Asked Questions ( ("read only" board)
* Firewall Bugs (
* Firewall Wishlist (

* Anti Virus Help (
* Anti Virus Frequently Asked Questions ( ("read only" board)
* Anti Virus Bugs (
* Anti Virus Wishlist (
* False Positive/Negative reporting - (Is this a malware that CIS has/not detected?) (

* Defense+ Help (
* Defense+ Frequently Asked Questions ( ("read only" board)
* Defense+ Bugs (
* Defense+ Wishlist (

* Install / Setup / Configuration Help (
* Install / Setup / Configuration Frequently Asked Questions ( ("read only" board)
* Other - General - GUI etc Bugs (
* GUI -Graphical User Interface - Wishlist (

To access Memory Firewall, Navigate to Defense+>Advanced>Image Execution Control Settings. Where you can simply enable/disable this protection, and add exclusions.

Defense+ Board under the CIS Board is appropriate the board to post for help in for Memory Firewall. You no longer need stand a lone Comodo Memory Firewall if you have Defense+ (Comodo Firewall) on your system as of version 3.8, This is the one where it is now fully integrated into CIS.


You have said it all. That is how I think about it too.

But what realy bothers me is that indeed Kevin had to hear Melih’s decision/opinion about BOClean from me, a forum member. Kev answered to me with fair arguments, but he is and will always be an loyal and optimistic guy.

Greetz, Red.

My reaction to this news? BFD. I purchased the software in 2003, but I’d better not voice my discouragement to the current owners cause they’ll tell me it’s tough poo, not their problem. So I might one day use CIS and hopefully benefit from BOC’s remnants. Or not. But until that time, I’m not gonna mourn this development. It’s a waste of time to feel bad about it. There are plenty of security apps out there and it’s an ever-changing landscape. Six years with one software is an eternity by today’s fleeting standards. Like the man said, “May you have a strong foundation when the winds of changes shift”. BOClean SCHMOClean. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! :wink:

Who cares if it is integrated into CIS. If you only want to use BOclean them I’m sure you will likely be able to. I have no doubt that it will be the same as CIS is right now with the firewall, AV. It’s up to you if you want to install them. You can have just the firewall or just the AV, or both. I don’t see why it will be any different with BOclean. Me myself I am not using the firewall, now I know that is kinda kookey but since I am using Win Beta 7 it’s not fully compatible and thats your answer. Most people that are familiar with Comodo use the firewall I think cause it’s one of the absolute best on the market, and lot of them use only the firewall and go wtih avira or something else for their AV. Either way, I don’t see what all this fuss is about. It’s only logical to put them all together into one suite since it is completly free. This way they can make everything run better together and lower resources and all that jazz. Well, it makes sense to me.

Since I have not visited the Comodo forums recently, I only became aware this morning of the liklely disappearance of both BOClean and CMF as stand-alone products. Since these are the only Comodo products that I am using at the moment, this looks like a farewell situation from my perspective.

I found the increasing bloat of CIS and the associated very significant performance hit to be objectionable. Like all suites IMHO CIS is trying to do too much. I have never used CAV [I use Avira AntiVir] and was repelled by the fact that (at least last autumn) it was actually installed, just not activated if unselected in the installer; it still used disk storage! I also found that CFP was far too difficult for unsophisticated users to manage; too many popups, too little assistance in making decisions, all the usual complaints. Since I run behind a NAT router and since I keep things pretty clean with AntiVir, MBAM, and other tools, I can get by with a much less sophisticated firewall/HIPS and still be more than adequately protected.

I do believe, however, that Comodo is making a serious mistake and could well rethink matters.