BOClean 4.25 hogging CPU - Reinstallation Doesn't Resolve


I’m running BOClean 4.25 on a Win XP Pro SP 2 machine. Prior to this I had v4.23 which uninstalled cleanly and the machine rebooted before 4.25 was installed. The antivirus and firewall are set to allow BOC to function without blocking.

The problem:

BOC runs fine immediately after each boot but after sometime, it would start taking anything from 50% to 100% CPU. When this happens, the tray icon would be green in color continually. Any attempt to right click on it would bring up the menu but immediately hang the program thereafter. At this point in time both BOC425.exe and BOCore.exe would show up in the Task Manager.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times (rebooting in between each try) and yet the bug still remains. Please advise.

Welcome to the forums, jabberwock ~

What other real-time security applications, or performance applications, are you running?


Thanks, LM. I’m running Antivir AV, Look n Stop firewall and Regprot. One other thing I should mention is that after I kill the misbehaving BOCore.exe and BOC425.exe and restart BOClean, it will function without problem (BOCore will also not show up in Task Manager any more). I think somehow BOC doesn’t load properly at Windows startup. No idea why. Nothing shows in the Event Log either.

I wonder if Regprot might be silently interfering w/BOC in some way. Might check it out by disabling regprot from startup, and rebooting. See what the BOC results are then.

BOCore is the system-driver for BOC; it’s the actual program. BOC425 is the gui-end of it. When you shut down BOC from the gui, this only stops boc425, not bocore.

When you’re installing BOC, are you completely disabling the other security apps? (especially regprot). It’s a good idea to do the uninstall and reinstall in SafeMode to avoid installation conflicts.


If I may jump in. I experience exactly the same problem: sudden increase in CPU, solid green on systray icon, unable to right click on the icon. I run Comodo Firewall 2.4, Defensewall HIPS, Avast 4.7 home, WinPatrol Plus, Ad Muncher, Link Scanner Pro and CMG 1.1 beta.

greenhatch, there seems to be a possible correlation with BOC & CMG, as a number of users (me included) are experiencing this; where CMG seems to be the sole point of connection. However, there also seem to be some occurrences unrelated to CMG.

jabberwock, you have not mentioned using Comodo Memory Guardian… are you using this product as well?


I’ve just uninstalled and reinstalled BOC425 twice in the past 2 hours. No joy. Regprot was disabled and inactive and firewall was disabled as well. When the machine rebooted into Windows, I could see that BOCore listed in Task Manager. After a while, the CPU hogging started again. I think it’s quite possible that Regprot and LnS has got nothing to do with this problem.

Any other ideas? I’d hate to have to ditch BOC :frowning:


Hi, I have the exactly same problem. I use Comodo firewall 2.4, BOC 4.25, Verification engine
and Comodo antivirus Beta 2.0.
Closing process boc425.exe and starting it again helps, but I don’t know if hangs again later.
I don’ t have other security products than those from comodo, and it first started when I upgraded to 4.25, have never had the problem before!
Plz help?


Ok thanks for the info, Littlemac especially. I won’t run both CMG and BOClean together then and since CMG is a beta, I’ll abandon that and see if BOClean behaves itself without CMG.

FWIW, I haven’t had the hanging yet today; perhaps the latest round of updates for BOC did something to help…

If yours is still hanging, try putting the other security application executables into BOC’s Excluder, and see if that helps.



It seems that something hangs BOCLEAN.dll according to SysInternal ProcessExplorer.

I’m using:

  • NOD32 2.70.39
  • Comodo Firewall Pro beta
  • Comodo Memory Guardian beta
  • Comodo BOClean 2.25

Edit: I forgot, one of the most important point: I use to uninstall BOClean two times. The first time it hangs after some weeks but it’s working perfectly after the second one. I also add the whole BOClean folder into the NOD32 exclusion list the both time.

Wait and see. :slight_smile:

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i think BOC 4.25 is using more “CPU” than the previous versions (except for build 4.12 which had a problem with the CPU)… it is not always high, on my computer, but sometimes i check it and it is using 11% CPU when it cycles… i don’t really monitor it so i don’t know exacty what it is doing all the time…

when i first installed BOC 4.25, it was running at 8% CPU, which is higher than previous versions… after the second reboot, it was down to 6% CPU, but, like i said, it flunctuates, sometimes being at 11% CPU when it cycles, which is higher than i am used to seeing with previous versions of BOC…

i am just wondering if it is like BOC 4.12 where the CPU would climb higher and higher the longer your computer was running… (sometimes, when running “win media player”, WMP would freeze due to BOC 4.12’s high CPU)…

i wish kevin would look into it and see if he can get the CPU down… the 11% CPU is not really causing a problem, but it concerns me… i have skipped using some programs because they had a 10% CPU…

My BOClean is working without a hitch since I stopped CMG. Surprising that two of Comodo’s products apparently conflict.

Don’t forget that CMG is a beta product and as such there is still much testing to be carried out. Perhaps CMG may have to be modified for compatibility or perhaps BOClean will require modification. Either way, the problem will be fixed as testing of CMG progresses.


I went through the same problem,installed the uninstalled did what i was told by the wonderfull members in here then I did a defrag with Auslogic defrag began wondering why it was taking so long to finish looked down the Icon was solid green and the PC just froze thats when I said thats enough shut down,restart uninstalled BOCLEAN and thats that

I hope you will keep an eye on this topic and install BOClean again once the issue is resolved.It is a great product and it would be a shame if you did not benefit from it. Comodo will respond to this issue and get it resolved soon I hope, they are usually pretty quick with things like this.


I made a similar post about it hogging all my CPU. It appeared to be resolved and was fine for around a week then started hogging the CPU again.

I’ve just uninstalled it.

So far there is not one Staff member who took the effort to react on this problem here :frowning: Only Tyler did react in the CMG forum part, and he told us that they also noticed this problem at least once. But now he simply refers to this topic >:(

Greetz, Red.

Thank you for the information. It is good to see this issue has your atention. That was all I asked for :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Well I’ve just installed boc425 on an xp2 machine with Comodo firewall (installed at same time) and with a running version of Avast AV. No other likely candidates for incompatibilities or conflicts like the other posters (who all sound way overprotected to me!)
On boot getting up to 100% hog, attempting to run boc configuration blanks out the config dialog.
As you can imagine i can barely do anything. Not a good introductory experience.
Rapid uninstall and bad taste in mouth coming very soon.
not at all sure what to do
Guess I’ll just end the processes causing the horrible.