Black Screen after Windows Update

I always keep my computer fully up to date. (that includes Windows and CIS)
I have a Windows 10 PC 64 bit machine
For each of the last 2 months when my PC has installed the monthly Cumulative Update, on reboot, I have had a black screen with Cursor and just the CIS widget showing. Nothing else.

At that point, I have been unable to do anything else but rest my computer. Startup Repair does not work and I cannot find any Restore Points in Safe Mode even though I have created them.

All I can do is to Reset my PC.
Last month after your warning, I re-downloaded a new, updated version of CIS with the issue fixed, and everything was fine, but this month, you obviously havent noticed yet that the same problem just recurred. Even when I updated Windows first, the problem recurred as soon as I re-installed CIS.

So I have reset my PC another twice, and have only been able to install Cloud Antivirus to avoid the issue again.

I am afraid that I cannot give you any more info because of the situation.


Comodo. Please will you fix this issue for good.

Same here…

Had Comodo build

after installing latest cumulative KB4025342 cannot login, black screen after entering user password…

updated under safe mode with network to *.6258 and still black screen of death… no desktop

I have 2 choices… uninstall KB4025342 in safe mode (highly not recommended by Microsoft… cause of security updates) OR uninstall Comodo in safe mode…

I give You last chance to fix it for good and I am going to uninstall another cumulative from MS and halt MS updates in OS update options…

I am losing my patience for Comodo products :cry: :frowning: >:( :-TD

Black screen is cause by having an older version of secure shopping. Make sure you have updated SS to v99