Bkav Pro 2012 Internet Security


In Vietnam we are proud of our own Internet Security softwares, which are launched by Bkav Corporation (its head office in Hanoi, Vietnam).

I want to introduce Bkav Pro 2012 Internet Security to you all guys. Let try it and your discussions here are appreciated!

Bkav Website:



Pro version (paid): Bkav Pro. More details here: http://www.bkav.com/bkav-is
Free version: Bkav FE & Bkav Mobile Security: http://www.bkav.com/download

Do your best, the rest will come!

I will check it out. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Awesome. I am waiting for your reviews.

Looks very promising indeed… http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10109507-1.html

Will let you know soon…

Previously I have tested the free version. And I had posted here but couldn’t find my post now.

At that time free version was not good both in detection & other aspects like if I remember correctly for every detection you have to click on get code online & then you get a code which you have to fill in to remove threats, etc…

Dont know how good is this free version. I couldn’t find what features are there in free version. Paid & Free Mobile version on the official eng page shows features but free AV doesn’t shows what features are there & difference between free & paid. Only download is there.

Found the link…


Tried the free version. Its an online installer.

Installed in Virtual Kiosk. Restart was required but I didn’t restarted as Kiosk would have deleted the install.

Options showed Proactive, Behavior Blocker, USB Protection, Cloud Protection, Self Protection unchecked. I tried to check them but nothing happened. Dont know if these features are not available in free version or due to installed in Kiosk & the system was not restarted I wasn’t able to check them.

Only Realtime Protection (I guess signature protection) & Firewall were checked.

Did anyone bring this up to a tester on youtube?

i test it when i get the time to do it

Hi naren,

Bkav Home Plus (free version) requires users to type a code (in present, the way to get this code is very simple) just in case of detecting & removing metamorphic virus. And with other type of virus, Bkav FE can detect and remove normally and does not require anything.
Bkav Pro (paid version) does not require to type a code in case of detecting & removing metamorphic virus.
This is a comparison between Bkav Pro & Bkav Home. I’m sorry it is in Vietnamese. If you have questions, kindly ask.


About Bkav Mobile Security, the only-PRO features is marked with “PRO” in the right corner of each tab. The only-PRO features are: Call & SMS Block, Privacy Mode, Backup & Restore, Anti-Theft and Privacy Advisor.


Both of Bkav Pro & Bkav Home Plus are online installer.
After install you should restart your computer for full features in the free version.

You can see videos about Bkav products here Bkav Corp - YouTube

Great! See your test soon ;).

Can you mention the difference between free & paid version?

Hi naren,

I answered your questions in the posts above.

Try this link http://translate.google.com.vn/translate?sl=vi&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=vi&ie=UTF-8&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bkav.com.vn%2Fso-sanh-bkav-pro-voi-phien-ban-mien-phi

Sorry it is in Vietnamese :D.

The free version is very limited. Most of the free AVs now have the same core protection in their free & paid products. It has lot less compared to other good free AVs. And I dont understand if the features are already limited in the free version why metamorphic virus cleaning is not available normally.

For me the free version is not worth.

Tables comparing Bkav Home Plus Free & Bkav Internet Security

Features Bkav Home Plus Free Bkav Pro Internet Security

Anti-virus, spyware, common Yes Yes

Personal Firewall Yes Yes

Automatic updates Yes Yes

Registry Protection Yes Yes

Anti Keylogger (anti-tracking) No Yes

Site Advisor (monitor access) No Yes

HIPS (interception by acts) No Yes

Protect USB access No Yes

Safe Browsing No Yes

Technical Support 24/7 No Yes

Anti-hacker computer control No Yes

Safety enforcement - Safe Run No Yes

Metamorphic virus - Safe Removing No Yes

Anti-virus into the system No Yes

Prevent virus spread through chat No Yes

I understand you concern. This is the decision of Bkav. But you can take a test, Bkav Home Plus is not bad :).
Otherwise, there is a free version (known as the begin version of Bkav) Bkav Home. You can check it out: Download (tải về) | Bkav Pro | Bkav Home | Bkav Pro Moble | Bkav Corporation
You can try Bkav Pro for full features and free technical support 24/7 :).

Bkav Home - The free version with basic features. However, if your condition should upgrade to Bkav Pro to achieve effective long-term and comprehensive. To upgrade, you need have Bkav Card Pro (U.S. $ 299,000 / one year of use, the transfer can take place across the country, free shipping)

Bkav Home Plus - the new free version of the basic features. However, if conditions permit, you should upgrade to Bkav Pro to achieve effective long-term and comprehensive. To upgrade, you need have Bkav Card Pro (U.S. $ 299,000 / one year of use, the transfer can take place across the country, free shipping)

This is quite confusing. Why 2 free versions & whats the difference between the 2?

Thanks for the info and the link naren. :slight_smile: :-TU

The english site shows free edition Bkav FE

The original site shows 2 free edition Bkav Home & Bkav Home Plus



Bkav Home is the beginning version of Bkav, which developed since 1995 when Director Nguyen Tu Quang was a student in Hanoi University of Technology. This version is basic, can detect and remove threats, but it seems limit with metamorphic virus.
Bkav Home Plus is based on Bkav Pro engine.

Bkav FE = Bkav Home Plus.