Bkav Pro 2012 Internet Security

So if a better upgraded free version is available then why the old free version is still available on the site? Old version should be abandoned.

Does this new free version Home Plus or FE removes metamorphic virus normally or code is required?


Since Bkav Home is an offline installer and can be used to quick remove threats on not- Internet connected infected PC. Bkav Home is a useful tool in these cases. And you know, Bkav Home is an beginning version of Quang, so I think he wants to remain a memory about it :).

Bkav FE (Bkav Home Plus) requires a free license registration. In case of detecting & removing metamorphic virus, Bkav FE requires a online filled information board to activate Safe Removing temporarily.

OK, currently downloading/installing & will be testing with few malware. Lets see what all is there & how effective it is?

Tested on real system XP SP3 32

The free edition is simply not worth at all.

Only very very very poor signature protection available. Proactive, behavior blocker & cloud protection is not available.

Tested with 2-3 days old 20 malware available at malwaretips.com. Almost all the AVs results mentioned for these 20 malware at malwaretips are above 15 i.e all are detecting 15-18 out of 20.

Bkav FE detected 0/20.

Did you restart after installed? And make sure the virus database has been updated.

I restarted twice & yes updated the databases & checked twice.


Would you test Bkav Home? Let report here.

Thanks for the info. I was wondering what the difference was in free vs paid.