Bitdefender free antivirus

how good is bitdefender free antivirus any one knows?

You have a great thread where a lot of people talk about it right there Bitdefender Antivirus Free - English GUI | Wilders Security Forums (see rather last pages)

BitDefender’s reputation precedes itself on detection. I don’t think I would trust my security with it alone. It could be used as an adjunct to your main antivirus as long as no conflicts occur. A second opinion scanner to run alongside your main AV.

apologizes spywar we must have posted at about the same time. I think your link covers the details. :slight_smile:

Does BD Free uses same engine/databases/protection features of Paid BD AV?

Does BD Free detects PUP?

Is BD Free good for average users?

Is it light & without Ads?

Does it provides offline protection?

maybe I am wondering your opinion buddy 88) :smiley:

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naren, why don’t you ask Bitdefender support ? When I have such questions to companies, like avast! or Comodo or Avira…I simply open a support ticket, and to be fair, I got response 1 week after request with avast!, 1 day after with Comodo, and a few hours to a few days with Avira, rather great in overall…But I am going off topic here :P0l

OK, tested on real system i.e no VM, XP SP3 32 Bits, 512 RAM.

2 tests, online & offline.

Downloaded 40 zeroday malware. Reuploaded i.e freshly uploaded to check latest detections at VT. Bitdefender at VT detected 14/40 i.e 26 missed by Bitdefender at VT.

Online test i.e internet available.

14 malware detected by Bitdefender at VT - All 14 malware Bitdefender Free detected.

26 malware missed by Bitdefender at VT - Executed all but didn’t continue the complete installation of more than half coz most were digitally signed & were PUP/Adware kind i.e those that offers many craps to download & install. Whatever I installed Active Virus Control blocked 2 processes. HMP scan found 3 inert malware. 2 processes were active, those processes at VT had 0 detection.

Offline test i.e internet not available.

Restored the system to clean state with Comodo Time Machine.

14 malware detected by Bitdefender at VT - BD Free detected 12 malware, GUI mentioned to clean 1 malware restart needed. I restarted the system & the sample was cleaned successfully. Remaining 2 executed, Active Virus Control blocked 1 process, 1 was missed. HMP didn’t found anything, no active malware was there.

26 malware missed by Bitdefender at VT - As above in the online test I mentioned Active Virus Control blocked 2 malware/processes. Of the 2, I ran 1 & Active Virus Control blocked it, the other malware I didn’t remember the malware file so couldn’t test it.

So though its a little test, it does seems that BD Free AV provides the same protection as BD Paid AV.

The things I dont like is OnDemand is toooooooo slow, even if you scan 1 malware with rightclick scan it takes long. This is confirmed as Ondemand scan is the same on my Win 7 64 Bits too that have 4 GB RAM.

And I dont know about realtime protection. May be you can confirm. Realtime protection alert appears late. I dont know if it actually appears late or due to my test system have low 512 MB RAM. Any info?

And I must mention it updates often, atleast the GUI shows that.

is it worth to try bitdefender antivirus free version?

My & my cousin system is same HP laptop with Win 7 64 installed.
On both the systems I had installed CIS suite with default settings & Comodo Dragon with defaults.
Yesterday Java autoupdated on his system & he got Unlimited Rights popup, he doesn’t know much about security so he clicked default Run Isolated & dont know what happened, later he called me & said sometimes sites are not opening properly. He told me about Java thing.

For the above reason I am trying BD Free & for a change also Chrome. BD Free doesn’t require maintenance. And I tested it 3 times & all the times it did excellent. I also tested it web protection & it was excellent too. Offline protection is also very good. Its Behavior blocker also works good. My main concern was if its limited protection or really provides same protection as paid BD AV as mentioned in their website. And through my test it does seems to provide the same protection & you know BD paid products tests shows its excellent.

Today is the first day I have installed BD Free on my system. 2-4 weeks I will see how it behaves & if I feel its good for average users then I will install it on my cousin system.

A days experience is excellent. No slowdowns, no slow boots, no slow browsing, no slow apps opening i.e excellent & light in every terms here. On wilders forum some reported logs is unstable i.e sometimes dont work. I dont know if this bug was fixed or not. But here its working fine. Restore items working fine too.

Lets wait & see how it behaves with time. For now no complaints whatsoever.

I think you should give it a try.

But yes I couldn’t find 64 bits installer on their website. I downloaded the installer from the website. When I tried to run it a window appeared mentioning click on the following link to get 64 bits installer. Then when I ran 64 bits installer I got error mentioning 1 file couldn’t be downloaded. I tried few times with the same error. Later I figured out & disabled UAC & the installer worked fine. I dont know if there is any incompatibility between BD free & UAC. After install I have enabled UAC again & no probs yet.

It updates often too atleast that GUI shows.

I am liking chrome too. I think Comodo DNS in Comodo Dragon was giving me little slow net speed.

I am running BD free with Windows FW & UAC at defaults.

thanks naren for your experience to inform us :-TU

where can i find offline installer of bitdefender antivirus free latest version 2014 , and where can i get the virus signature data base file? is it possible to update the antivirus manually? thanks

These are offline installer I think

inform us with your experience, thanks :-TU

old installer i need latest one.

it will update itself to latest one…

check here then :

nowadays i don’t believe any words from comodo specially on the forum.


Just download the installer from BD site & do as I have mentioned in my previous post. If you get error that too I have mentioned, just try disabling UAC, if you are trying on Win 7 64 Bits, no probs on 32 Bits.

I dont think there will be a full installer. The installer downloads offline installer of size app 9-10 MB & then continues. I have 4mbps broadband connection, the whole procedure initial scan, application download & installation completed in app 5-8 mins here. Then it updated the databases within 7-10 mins.

You have 29 days to register. You can register within the GUI itself with BD, Facebook or Gmail account. After install too you will get the register window.

It requires .net. If you have .net installed, installation will be as I have mentioned above. Otherwise it will take little time as it downloads & installs .net. I had already installed.

I too am little sad the way things are going on nowadays here. No info, timely release, soon to be released takes more than a year or 2 or even disappears, etc… seems like talks without any real groundwork.

So thought, lets take a break & try other products.

By the way, anyone tried their free version safepay i.e banking feature?
Any info?