Beta Testers needed to give us valuable feedback!


Hi everyone.

We are looking for Pioneering, Brave Beta testers :slight_smile: .
We will provide the beta versions of our upcoming releases so that we can have valuable feedback and make sure that Product relase goes smoothly.

Your help would be much appreciated!

BTW: I too get to play with our Beta products :slight_smile: And there is an in-house joke that if it works on Melih’s machine, it will work in any machine! :slight_smile:

Look forward to working with you on that.

We will start posting the beta apps next week.

Much appreciate your cooperation.



All BETA versions will be downloadable in the [url=,40.0.html]CFP BETA Corner[/url] (in this board right here, right now :D), so you don't have to "sign up" in the traditional sense to be a beta tester.

Any news of the Final will be in the Announcements board.

Cant Wait!

I love to beta test even though ive only beta tested 1 system optimizer im still good at finding errors/bugs easily because i always tweak program options straight away!

I look forward to it as I may test some as well.


I’d be happy to beta test any of your free products.

Please add me to the beta testers. I have pretty good experience with beta programs and I can test them on windows XP eng (and also in windows 98 and ME greek editions and windows 2000 english edition by virtual machines). ;D

Sign me up, Melih.

I can test on Win XP SP1 & 2, Win2K on both Win2003, Linux and Novell backends. I’ll send a private msg re. testing procedures.

ewen :slight_smile:

I’m okay for Beta testing new products thanks Melih. I am forever checking out new software etc and generally keep my machines up to scratch. If they get a bit drowsy I do the usual reformat so that I don’t have a buggy machine so should be a stable platform as such for your purposes.

I can test in Windows and Linux setups if required.

Regards… Phil

I will gladly give it a try on my test system. Sounds like fun. (R)


I’d like to betatest your AV and Firewall.


I am running Windows XP x64 and I would like to know when we will see x64 version of the software and I would like to test it.

Next week seems so exciting now :slight_smile: Thanks.


Much apprecaite it!

Comodo Dev teams: Start your Engines! :slight_smile:


I will be happy to participate

Best regards

Harald, Denmark

I’ll offer to test also…I keep all my pron on a secondary secure partition, so I don’t mind :smiley:


I have a Windows XP SP2 portable where I can safely do a beta test. I have done these for other firewall vendors. The only constraint is that this portable has not been able to run Comodo because of a display problem with the Alert pop-up. I was told this problem would be fixed in an uncoming release.


Even i don’t understand why to vote for firewalls at your mentioned url (fe. windows firewall got a lot of votes… uh?), i’d like to participate at the beta testing :D.

Home: XP PRO ENG SP2, ATI Radeon 9700 PRO 128MB, 1.2GB 400MHz RAM, IntelIVCeleron 2,66GHz, Dx9.0c, AVG7 AV, 1280x1024@85Hz on 32bit, RTL8139 - Edimax.

Work: XP PRO HUN SP2, ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 C 128MB, 512MB 333MHz RAM, IntelIVCeleron 2,4GHz, Dx9.0c, McAfee AV, 1280x1024@70Hz on 32bit, Intel PRO/100 VE PCI (it’s a sony vaio) - Proxomido - ISA - router.

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Hi Melih

Please look at this problem/bug. Fix it.

Comodo Antivirus Beta is not recognized by XP security Center or Symantec Online security check, albiet it is quite a good program. Please look into this and rectify this error to make it more user friendly.


OK, I’m up for Beta testing the new firewal CPF.
What do I do next?

Hi , link to download here [url],650.msg3960.html#msg3960[/url] .


I would be willing to test the Backup application.

Do you have any process you want followed while testing?
How are SPR’s to be submitted?