Beta Testers needed to give us valuable feedback!

Ok great. as soon as we have the beta of the next version available for the Backup we will inform you.
thank you…


Hi Melih,

When you have some time, could you please look at my posts under ‘Here is another leak test from Comodo’,738.0.html

You can skim through the first few posts. You’ve heard this before :slight_smile:

I’m concerned that CPF does not protect my system correctly with regard to IE.

Thanks, Al

Sure, I’d be glad to test any beta products. My email address is Thanks. E.J.

I would like to sign up for beta testing. I feel like I’ve already done that with the current version of your antivirus. It locks up my machine whenever I put on the “on access scanner”. Thought it was conflicting w/spyware remover programs, but really after thinking about it, I think it’s the heuristics part of it. Don’t really know yet, but I must say, the firewall is superb and functional and I would like to help in anyway if I can.

Tucson, AZ (WCF32)

I would like to beta test the anti virus and the fire wall. :slight_smile:

I would be interested in testing also.

Hi Melih!
I am Tech. Support for the local ISP in a small town in New Mexico.
ATM we recommend our clients use Grisoft AVG and ZoneAlarm as their front-line defense,
but from what I’ve seen so far of CPF, you have a superior product. We are proud to offer free
technical phone support - and even though the plethora of options may be confusing to the end-user,
I’m sure we can guide them thru the basic setup quite quickly and have them snugly behind your
firewall. I have a SOHO network in my house with 4 systems running XP Pro and one running SUSE 10.0,
and would be glad to join with you as a Beta tester. For obvious reasons, I will not give my work email addy here, but I run my own mail, web etc server and can be reached at the addy I signed up with.

Hey melih,

This may a good way to get the Comodo name out there - offer CPF to ISPs, along with a GOOD install and troubleshooting guide.

ewen :slight_smile:


that would be great!

thank you.


:cry: I downloaded comodo anti-virus on our family machine today. I wasn’t looking for the beta version, but I’m not sure which version I got.

Anyway, my system crashed when I ran a full scan. 3 times. I have dump files, if anybody wants them. The machine is 1.8 GHz Pentium 4, 512 MB Memory, WIndows XP Home, SP2, nothing remarkable about it, except it has a fairly rich application set. Still, nothing else was running during the scan, except:

D2OL - distributed computing aplication, permanently CPU bound, idle priority.
ZoneAlarm Firewall (sorry)

Antivirus for the time being is a beta

Did you have any other AV installed or installed before?


I deinstalled Norton before installing CAV. I noticed afterward I also have Windows Defender and Windows Live Onecare running there.

I turned off Windows Defender, but I cannot seem to remove Windows Live Onecare, for some reason :o

oh dear!

Are you getting any error messages?

Sign me up ;D jess

I am running windows Vista with the Beta version of Office 2007. I need an antivirus Program to work with Vista. I am willing to test your AV with my Vista machine.

Thank you,
Benjamin Walker

Hi Jessica

Welcome to the forums and thank you for helping the forums stats on the female side :slight_smile:

I think, I might be wrong (so someone shoot me down in flames if that is the case), you will be our very “First” female beta tester!

We would love to get from you for CPF Beta version 2.3 .1.20,1047.0.html

Thank you for being part of the Comodo family and look forward to your feedback :slight_smile:


:wink: Hi, Having just changed to Comodo( about 30 minutes ago ) from using a Free copy of Zonealarm, I have to say i’m impressed already.
I run 7 antispyware programs, AVG Free AV, and now Comodo as my fire wall, which I will give regular opinions on.
So, Sign me up for Beta testing, i’ve done it with enough Game mods, that I think I know what i’m looking for. ;D

Ok, welcome aboard rocco1504!

Go ahead and try the beta CPF :-), its lean, its mean (on the hackers) and its fast!