Bad news: CPF slows down system & internet? [Resolved]


My first impression for CPF was really good. But now after using it for a while I’ve noticed that my system was very slow and also the internet. About the internet specially noticed that when I open my web browser either iexplorer or firefox, and I imput a web adress and press enter. It takes quite long (2-4 seconds) for my browser to reach the server, after that the page loads ok.

So this makes me wonder what’s going on. So I decided to close CPF firewall by right clicking Comodo Launch Pad, then select “exit” under the menu “personal firewall”.

Also I shutdown the following system processes via the task manager:
cmdagent.exe (something called comodo agent and seems to be related to the CPF)
CLPTray.exe (the comodo lauch pad)

After that guess what:

The original performance of my system and internet was restored :o

I’ve hear that Comodo is going to release an update to CPF late April. I’m just hoping that this release address such issues since those are critical issues.

I believe that I’m not the only one with this problem, I kindly ask other CPF users to verify if the same symptom happens with your computers.

Right now I’m running wihtout CPF, since for me at this momment is more critical to have my system and Internet original performance rahter that having it secure (sounds weird but now I’m not so worried about security).

Comodo, have you received an email or complain about that?

Thanks and Just hope to have a CPF wich doesn’t slow down my system nor internet

Forgot to mention:

I run a RAM optimizer called fast defrag 2 wich also displays the amount of free ram.

after uninstalling Zone Alarm and installing CPF I noticed that my free ram increased… then after keep on using CPF I noticed something really strange my free ram was even greater !!!
but my system was getting slower ???

could this be related to CPF??? or is a different issue?

Instead of disabling CPF, try disabling Component Monitor or try removing all the components(and pressing apply button) and setting Component monitor to learning mode. That can be a bottleneck for the performance. And although it can slow down the system at the beginning, it should not cause any performance decrease of 2-4 seconds and should reach a stable point after some time. Since all the signatures of compoents are verified, it may take some time for CPF to build its signature cache.

Some memory optimizers cause unused or say "used but idle"memory to be paged out. This means some portions of memory are swapped to the virtual memory i.e. to HDD. When a program tries to access that memory portion, it is paged in by NT virtual memory manager to the RAM. This may also cause visible delays on the operations. If you can disable memory optimizer program and compare the performace, we can see whether this case is a bottleneck or not.

Thanks egemen for your reply.

I’ve already disabled the memory optimizer, but the botleneck continued, have not tried to disable some CPF components or making the changes you’re suggesting but will do it.

But the whats the reason to have CPF only running with the basic/core component? if the other great features would be off?

Would check your suggestion and will comment.

Thanks again

I noticed that sometimes my HD is working for apparently no reason… so I decided to open task manager and noticed that when my HD works like that the cmdagent.exe process is also consuming between 5-12 % of CPU resources.

Maybe another reason for slow performance is Comodo agent???
What does Comodo Agent does??? why is it using a considerale CPU % and also using the hard Disc? (small but still considerable to other real-time running applications like antivirus software)

Whats the purpose for Comodo Agent??? ???

Hi ektorbarajas, no I don’t notice any slowdowns.

I have also noticed slowdowns the same as ektorbarajas and disabling parts of the firewall does not do anything unless completeley disabled like ektorbarajas did.

It’s cmdagent.exe that is running causing the antivirus to scan this also - I never had this before Comodo.

I noticed that svchost and system idle process seem to be also using high cpu useage but I think this was like this beforehand and has never been a problem with slowdown.

You can see what I’ve already written about this here:

Hi Mike6688. I’ve read again your post and what you said is also tru to me, complementing with what I have wrote on this post.

Somethins is wrong with cmdagent.exe. Egemen has some reason about start up about sayin that cmdagent.exe should be scanning all the starting applications that connect to the internet… but my big concern is that after a while, when using the computer, randomly cmdagent starts to acces in a medium load my Hard Disk and also the CPU usage is very high even up to 12 or 15 % wich is VERY HIGH to a monitoring background application, because I have Nod32 antivirus and the Nod32krn.exe wich is the realtime scan engine is at most at 2% sometimes.

Also noticed that when cmdagent is running high my Nod32krn.exe process starts consuming like a weirdo my CPU, betwen 70-80 %… wich also relates to what some users have posted about problems with Antivirus software.

Comodo staff. we could appreciate if you could solve that issues for the next update or perhaps the second next update.

It’s strange since my first impression of the program was outstanding but after using it a while I noticed the system and internet slowdown.

Best regards

Hi again.

I already turned off the folowing modules:
Component Monitor
Application Behaviour Analysys

And I’m still getting the same performance issues for both: my system and the internet
And cmdagent.exe is still heavily using my hard disk and my cpu (5-15%) randomly.

Does anyone know what’s going on? According to what egemen and mike6688 said: disabling the above modules should help gaining back some performance, but I see the same slow performance.

As a said before, ths is weirdo since the first couple of days I used CPF it worked perfect !
but now it looks like my computer is meant to be only used by CPF.

Well… I have high expectations about the upcoming update…

I have to agree with the net slowdowns & disk accessing.

I have had Comodo firewall installed for just over a week, does use a little more resources than my usual firewall (Outpost Pro)

My main problems with it are

Cmdagent using between 40 & 50% of the cpu (not constantly but it happens all the time)
Normally it only uses 10-11% but when it hits the 50% it lags the whole PC (extracting files slows down, browsing hard drives etc) When it does this the HD activity light goes mad for about 5-9 secs & the PC cant really do much

Also there seems to be a drastic slowdown in my net connection, my connection is up to 10mb download but with Comodo installed pages take longer to load, there is a 3-5 second pause in the page loading after typing in a address, also sites with a lot of images slow right down (in fact i can see Opera counting up the images that have loaded so far)

I would also like to see the Launchpad removed or given as a option during install, i dont need it & dont use it & i dont like the fact i have to go thru the menu’s just to get the firewall to open.

Other than that it seems a good firewall, i dont know if i will be able to wait for the update that is due this month as some of these problems i have mentioned above do tend to slow things right down.

Admittidly it is a old PC but no other firewall i have tried has been as resource hungry as Comodo.

I’m with you Banzi.

As I have being posted I hope that the upcoming update (according to comodo will be due between today and april 30) address those issues, the cmdagent.exe issue that Banzi and me reported among other users… and the system and internet slowdown.

As Banzi said. similar firewalls doesn’t do that… why CPF does??? is a fact that it’s, at last for me, the most robust and protective firewall on the scene !!! but in my opinion that doesn’t justify what cmdagent.exe does… It really seems that our comouters ar just working for cmdagent.exe !!!

Even disabling some components of the CPF doesn’t help !!!

I’m really satisfied with CPF level of secutiry and protection…
but as today… I’m really disapointed with the cmdagent.exe and the degraded performance of my system and the internet.

I don’t want to sound fatalist, or pesimist, but if CPF continues with that issues then I’ld rather use a modest firewall that doesn’t degrade my system performance.

Comodo staff, I know it’s possible to have the functionality of CPF without that degraged system and internet performance, and really wants to stay with CPF

I agree with ektorbarajas.

My system is unuseable at times when cmdagent.exe is using cpu. Even Norton which is renowed for its high resource useage never affected my system this much.

Please, Comodo if you can without affecting security sort it out, please I don’t want to go back to another firewall after finding one so good.

Hi Guys,

CmdAgent is the windows system service which is reponsible for almost every security related activity of CPF.

Except during the booting, there is no reason for CmdAgent to intensively use CPU cycles. If you watch it, you will notice that it remains idle for the most of the time.

It tries to access HDD only while verifying signatures of application and components. And since this is a file system activity, anti-virus filter adds some overhead to these operations.

We will ofcourse try to optimize as much as possible. You could be very helpful if you can be more specific. CmdAgent cant and wont be using CPU cycles all the time. As i said before, it will remain mostly idle.

To be able to make our software better, you may try the following and let us know:

  • when and under which conditions CPF consumes CPU intensively,(you can try to enable disable some options to be more specific)
  • what AV software you are using,
  • without the AV installed, is performace still the same?

Hi egemen thanks again for your reply.

cmdagent is not idel for most of the time, randomly it’s active and using the HD and high CPU Usage.

I currently have disabled Component Monitor & Application behaeviour Analysys modules and still the same symptom:

degraded system and internet performance AND cmdagent running randomly and using heavy HD and CPU

Based on egemen suggestions Here is my info:

when and under which conditions CPF consumes CPU intensively,(you can try to enable disable some options to be more specific)

it’s on a random basis. I made a test by diabling my antivirus (see below for detailed info) and letting my computer idle just with the task manager open and noticed that this behaviour was still present… also Component monitor and Application behaviour Analysys were off

what AV software you are using,
I use Eset Nod32 version 2.51.26
without the AV installed, is performace still the same?
Well I can't jeopardize my computer by unisntalling my antivirus. Since CPF is a firewall it needs to have access to the internet. And I don't want to access the internet without an antivirus.

What I was able to do is disable all the realtime scanning engines of Nod32 for a while… and used interned by browing to well know sites and with caution

The result: the symptop is the same and cmdagent.exe is running the same way.

I think this issue is also pressent with other users but maybe they have not noticed it yet. I hope Comodo address this issue pretty soon since as Mike6688 and me said. we have found a great firewall and don’t want to uninstall it and go look for another firewall !!!

Thanks for the feedback. We will try to address and solve this issue in the upcoming update.

Thanks egemen,

From what you said to give feedback on I get the same as ektorbarajas - except I use avast antivirus and turning the webshield (scans for viruses in internet traffic) and network shield (scans for attacks and intrusions and designed to work alongside a firewall) off helped speed the internet up somewhat, but, I would expect this anyway.

Disabling the antivirus had minimal effect on the cmdagent cpu useage.

Thanks again,


Thanks egeman:
I have the same problem as everyone else. I use Norton antivirus (corporate) and shutting it down does not resolve the problem. Thanks too for the product and for comodo’s attentiveness.

Hi guys,been reading this thread and decided to watch cmdagent.exe for a bit in the task manager. Yes cpu for this does spike up as much as 40-50 every little while. i’m using Bitdefender 9 av.

Hi egemen. First of all thanks for your support and feedback too.

I really like CPF, if just the system and internet performance and the cmdagent.exe issue got fixed it would take the burden out of the great CPF app.


I’ll look forward for CPF updates