Bad experience with the newest version of CFP (

Hi! I have just installed CFP on my PC and faced with various problems. My configuration is: WinXP Pro 32 bit, 512 RAM, browser OperaTor 9.5 and GPRS connection. CFP was installed on USB flash stick.

The first problem: the Defence+ is not functioning properly. Why? I really don’t know.

The second problem: the learning mode isn’t working. I compared your prog with new OSS and…Agnitum could learn browser, QIP, svchost.exe and other files - Internet works. But CFP in LEARNING MODE couldn’t catch Opera. What’s wrong? Is this my fault? Don’t know.

The third problem: allow/block rules in CFP looks like those in Outpost Security Suite 2009. Terrible! I prefer tystem that was presented in Outpost Security Suite 2008 - three part: allow Internet activities, block and custom. As simple as that. You, guys in COMODO, did the same mistake as guys in Agnitum did in OSS 2009 - looks pretty for general observation, but terrible for precise monitoring.

The forth problem: Predefined Firewall Policies. This must be hidden (MUST BE!) from user and has to be replaced with detailed custom tuning. Usually, developers analyze many progs and propose certain rules. If they fail - there is a custom tuning. NOT “predefined and custom”, BUT “predefined OR custom - choose only one”.

The fifth problem: Defence+ => Computer Security Policy => What is this? It looks like Russian nested doll. I have more than 2 thousand of software on my flash stick, I really like to test new soft, but … COMODO’s options in CFP like nested dolls is out of my desire to test it.

… enough for now. Sorry, COMODO team, for sarcastic remarks, but I wish you good luck!

P.S. I helped Agnitum team several times and they fixed weak places in their OSS. So, it’s time to help you (grandiloquently, but… :)). The race for (the 1st) place is to begin!

P.S.2 sorry for my English, it’s not my native language… :slight_smile:

You installed Comodo on a USB? That’s your problem. Comodo Needs to be installed onto a real system.

Ok, Kyle, I will check it on HDD. But OSS works well from USB, why CFP not? Moreover, I can’t believe, that learning mode depends on HDD or USB. :slight_smile: Better to say, I wouldn’t like to believe in this. But still other critics remain. :slight_smile:

Why would you want to install a firewall on your usb stick? That makes no sense to me what so ever.

Vettetech, my HDD Hitachi is going to crash in nearest future, so I install everything that possible on USB stick. Fast enough… And my HDD is grateful to me. :slight_smile:

HHD are extremely cheap no a days. I just picked up a Terabyte drive for $200. Then swapped everything over to my new drive. You can get a 160 GIG for about $99.

!ot! Yaraslau are you working here ? 88) !ot!

Vettetech, I don’t know how to replace HDD… My hobby, time consuming hobby is software, not hardware. My computer is about 4 years old, so I have to find HDD with ATA support, but not SATA. It’s quite difficult to me.


Commodus, no. :slight_smile: But this library isn’t far from my home - only two metro stations. In general from home to your picture - nearly 20 minutes. And my working place is the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (a post graduate student). Would you like to visit Belarus? :wink:

P.S. any comments from COMODO team concerning critics in the first post? Am I right or not?



If you can read instructions then you can replace a HDD. It takes 5 secs. Plug it in and your done. Seagate actually has how to videps on there site.

you’re right. I will consider it. Is there any HDD with ATA support? One friend said, that now almost all HDD’s support SATA and better to buy new computer. I mean just new system tower…system block…Erm… I don’t know how it will be in English, in my language - “сістэмны блок”. Finally, I believe in flash future, not HDD future, so it’s pity, that CFP must be installed on HDD. Really pity. :frowning:

3xist, thanks for your answer.

I’ve just installed CFP on HDD. Defence+ works fine, but Learning mode doesn’t work. Somehow CFP recognize Opera, but applied one rule - one outgoing IP. Internet doesn’t work. CFP blocks Internet, except while disable.

You must have something wrong. What other security are you using? There is no learning mode only training mode. Have you tried putting BOTH the firewall and D+ in training mode? All I ever do is install Comodo and it works.

Vettetech, I have Outpost Security Suite 2009 installed. It seems to me, that Agnitum is not the reason. I tried two times: 1) CFP installation + Agnitum , 2) Agnitum OSS + CFP.

The results:
Internet doesn’t work with working CFP.

Defence+ and Firewall are both in training (thanks for correcting my mistake) mode and Defense+ catches events, so training mode works. I intentionally wrote QIP in to Firewall Network Security Policy (in application rules) - allow everything. No Internet!

Outpost is a firewall. CFP is a firewall. You really shouldn’t have two firewalls running on the same PC atthe same time. You’re asking for trouble and it sounds like you found it.

To properly test CFP, please unistallboth and then instal CFP on its own.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well Panic said it all for me. You cannot run 2 firewalls and you cannot judge or complain what is happening with Comodo until you uninstall Outpost. Outpost doesn’t have the best av out there. Your safer with a set like Comodo and KAV. Or Comodo and Avira Premium. For free go with Comodo and Avast.

panic, Outpost is not only firewall, but AV + firewall with fine tuning.

Vettetech, why you didn’t mention CIS? :slight_smile: KAV is not so pretty in everyday use. Avira and Avast? I don’t like them.

I can’t switch to CFP without these options: allow/block Cookie, ActiveX, Java applets, Referrers, Flash, Hidden Frames, Animated GIF, External active content, JavaScript, VBScript, Scripting ActiveX, Pop-up windows, blocking advert. Probably, they are missed. At least, I didn’t find them.

Pretty ? You mean in looks ? 88) Use a skin ;D

!ot! I have visited Minsk many times. ;D And I like it there. !ot!

Umm you need to get up to date with things. Avira and KAV provide next to perfect detection rates. Everything that you want to block is available if you simply use Firefox with some plugins. CIS isnt out yet. Either way you look at it you cannot run 2 firewalls period. Firefox can do everything you mentioned and more.

Commodus, not in look, but in use. My girlfriend had terrible experience with KAV 6, when virus “virut” infected nearly 1500 executables and dll (including files from KAV). There was permanent pig screaming from KAV, but it failed in cureing. I’m not going to try KAV, even the latest version, for myself.

Commodus, who are you? :slight_smile: Journalist? CIA agent? State Department worker? Something else?.. :wink: